How to Find Missing Photos

Photos are the essential things in life, it reestablishes each minute you caught and makes you grin at whatever point you see them. To store all these photographs you may keep those in your PC, however imagine a scenario where your PC met with some eccentric circumstance and that time you will be unable to perceive any image files. If you can’t find your photos on your Windows PC then attempt these steps first:

Check Recycle Bin: You may have erased a few pictures before and now you would scan for those photos, so to discover any deleted files check Windows Recycle Bin first. Since Recycle Bin stores all deleted files/photographs into it.

Enable Viewing Hidden Files: To maintain some privacy issue, you might have hidden some photos. So while searching for it, enable the viewing option on hidden files. You can enable viewing of the files and make them hidden anytime.

Go to Search Bar and Find your Image File: One more method to search your missing photos is by giving the file name or file extension in the search bar of the Windows computer and try to figure it out the location of those files. If the file / picture is existing in your system then it will show you the files, if not it will display as search item is not found.

Factors Responsible for Losing Photos:

  • Intentional or unintentional deletion of images
  • If you format the hard drive without taking the data backup, then all your files / photos will be removed permanently from the system
  • Improper way of moving pictures from PC to other device
  • Any kind of interruption(s) while transferring photos from Windows computer to other or vice versa will results in loss of images

In this case, it is very important that you don’t add any new photos to the same drive, since they might overwrite the space of the missing photos, at which point they’re totally gone forever. If you follow this rule, then there are very good chances of recovering missing photos on go with the help of Hi5 Photo Recovery software.

Unique Features of Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool:

  • Software is designed and built with advanced scanning and search engine mechanism which makes it possible to find and recover lost photos regardless of loss situations
  • It is having simple user interface, no software skills are needed for searching missing photos and restoring them back
  • Works on all latest versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server editions 2003 and 2008
  • Supports recovery of missing photos from Windows internal hard disk and also from external storage devices like Memory cards (SDXC, SDHX, MMC, SD, CF, XD, Micro SD, Mini SD, etc), usb flash drives, digital camera, ipods and many other storage media
  • Helps recovering of images stored in various hard drive interfaces like SATA, ATA, SCSI and IDE with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, EXFAT and NTFS file systems
  • Using this tool you can not only find lost images but you can also restore videos, movies, music and audio files successfully from any storage devices
  • Make use of Demo version of Hi5 Photo Recovery utility first, recover missing photos and view recovered them using “Preview” option. If you’re happy with the results, then hit on the Buy now option to install the full version of this software and store recovered photos using “Save” option

Recover Lost Images using these Steps:

  • Download Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool on your Windows PC
  • Select “Recover Lost Photos” option
  • Choose the appropriate drive from where you want to search missing photos and click on “Next” option
  • Once the scanning is finished, a list of recovered images will be displayed
  • Check retrieved photos using “Preview” option and store them any of the accessible storage devices using “Save” option

That is it! You have discovered lost photographs back

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