Microsoft Office 2010 Files Recovery

Are you in need of a softwrae which will help you recover MS Office 2010 files? Well, this page explains how easily you can restore MS Office 2010 files. First, look into your backup. If your backup contains files which you're looking for, then it is well and good so that you can copy it back. If there is no sign of your Office documents in backup, then try using reliable Microsoft Office 2010 files recovery software. There are many options to recover 2010 Office files, but the popular one among all other is Hi5 Software File Recovery.

Reasons for the Loss of MS Office Documents

Microsoft Office files can be lost or deleted in certain situations. For instance, you might have deleted files mistakenly using SHIFT + DELETE keys while removing unwanted files; or you might have emptied Recycle Bin folder without checking for the important Office files. Not only this, MS Office data will be lost due to the wrong usage of Cut-Paste operations while moving it from one location to another, due to any interruptions during data transfer from one device to another. Further, when you delete any data from external storage devices, it doesn't enter into Recycle Bin folder which inturn resulting in the permanent loss of Office files.

Restoring MS Office 2010 Files

While it is easy to delete files, the chances of retrieving them are high if you act quickly. As soon as you suspect that the MS Office files have been lost or deleted, stop adding new data to the system thereby protecting the hard drive from being overwritten.

Now, download and install Hi5 Application to Restore Files on a healthy Windows computer. This tool will guide you on how to recover Microsoft Office 2010 files easily, think that you've got software to find Office 2010 files instantly. Run Hi5 Software and follow these below instructions to retrieve Microsoft Office 2010 data…

Simple steps to recover Microsoft Office files:

  • The main screen will display two major recovery modes – Deleted File Recovery and Lost File Recovery. Choose the suitable option as per the situation
  • Select the particular drive from where you want to restore data, and click on “Next
  • Now, provide the destination location where you want to save the recovered files
  • The program will start scanning the drive
  • After some time, the toolkit will display the restored data

Key Features of Hi5 Program to Recover Files

  • It has user friendly GUI which provides user with easy navigation
  • Recovers all types of MS Office files such as Word (DOC & DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT & PPTX), Excel (XLS and XLSX), Access (MDB), Outlook (PST)
  • Apart from recovering Office files, the toolkit helps to retrieve ZIP files, RAR files, text files, and other useful data
  • Retrieves data stored on internal and external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, etc
  • Supports recovery of Office 2010 documents from devices formatted with FAT and NTFS file systems
  • Along with 2010, the tool helps in recovering files from various MS Office versions like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2013, and 2016
  • The utility can be installed on the devices running with any popular versions of Windows OS

Friendly Options Available in Hi5 Software to Restore Files

  • Preview: Using this “Preview” option, you can view recovered files once the recovery process is done. In fact, this option allows you to estimate the real time data recovery results before saving the retrieved data on any user defined location.
  • Save Recovery session: This feature can save the current scanned results thereby avoiding the rescan process on the next run, and hence save your precious time.
  • Find: This functionality can be used to locate the retrieved files in the list based on its file signatures like name, size, type, and date of creation.

Finally, as always the advice is to take the regular backup of important Microsoft Office documents, and to be careful while deleting unwanted files.

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