Restore Deleted Files from Removable Disk

In this technical era, external drives play an important role if you are a regular user of computer. You can find numerous external storage devices like USB drive, memory cards, pen drives, thumb drives, etc . It is the perfect way to ensure that all your needed files are well stored and no chances of data loss even if the computer crashes.

Benefits of external drives

External data storage drives are easy to get. Often they will be available at all the major computer stores and have many advantages. Initially external drives have large data storage capacities; hence you need not to worry about the storage space. You can keep files on this drive whenever you find that you have less space in your computer hard drive. This external drives are easy to use, flexible, portable and easy to carry.

Problems with external hard drives

Issues with external hard drive are quiet common for most of the users. On some occasions, you might end up with accidental deletion of important files which can be a quite stressful indeed. Well, it is not strange that if you cannot find files in Windows Recycle Bin folder after accidental deletion of files on your external hard drive. You cannot restore deleted files from removable disk as system doesn't allow to store deleted files in Recycle Bin. In this situation, it is common that user think files are deleted permanently. But this is not the fact, files will be recovered from any removable disk no matter if the files are deleted accidentally or intentionally.

Here is how to restore deleted files from removable disk

On encountering with file deletion issues with removable disk, what comes out in our mind is data recovery. That means, with the help of good data recovery tool to recover accidentally deleted files sounds a great choice. One among the most useful application that can be applied for deleted file on external hard drive is Hi5 Software File Recovery Program. You can have chance to undelete files from removable disk by using this read-only Hi5 Software File Recovery Utility. Hi5 File Restoration Program is a professional and reliable data recovery utility with high quality and security.

Causes for accidental file deletion on removable drives:

  • Human Error: You connect an external hard drive for copying files to system drive. You thought of deleting files from system drive to make free space. While performing this process, you choose an external drive accidentally and finally ends up with file deletion issue
  • Unusual Formatting: Sometimes you might hit on format option on removable device like digital camera, pen drive, USB drive, etc. This can leads to erasure of all the files stored in it.
  • Mishandling External Drive: Usage of same external device on different Windows OS, removing external drive while copying files might lead to file deletion.

Not to get worried about this issues, as there is a simple way to recover deleted files from removable disk using Hi5 Software File Recovery Program. By following only few steps, you can easily restore deleted files removable disk quickly and efficiently. This tool quickly scans entire removable hard drive in few simple steps to retrieve lost or deleted files with ease.

More about Hi5 Software File Recovery Application

  • Easy compatible with all popular removable drive manufacturers like Fujitsu, Hitachi, Imation, Iomega, Kingston, Samsung, SanDisk, LaCie, Maxtor, Quantum, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, Transcend, Western Digital etc.
  • Good data recovery tool that supports to retrieve deleted files from hard drives of types such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.
  • Recovers files from missing partitions, formatted, reformatted partitions, and repartitioned drives
  • Supports retrieval of external hard drive data even from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS and HFSX partitions or volumes
  • Easily recover files deleted by CCleaner quickly
  • Can recover deleted files from USB hard drive, Pen drive, Fire Wire drives, iPods, Thumb drive, memory cards and other external drives
  • Restores deleted files from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 partitions with ease

Simple steps to recover accidentally deleted files:

  • Download Hi5 Software File Recovery on your Windows system
  • Connect your removable disk to software connected system
  • Select "Deleted File Recovery" option from the first screen
  • Then select the drive (removable disk) and click on "Next" option
  • After completing, use "Preview" option to view recovered files
  • Hit on "Save" option to save retrieved files on any of the location (this step will be applied only for licensed users)

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