How to Retrieve Deleted Excel 2013 Files

“Please help me out to hide this small crime! I accidentally deleted the wrong Excel 2013 files, and now I need to recover them. But I have no idea how to do it? I tried with everything I know but, nothing seemed to work out. Anyone of you know programs or tools which can help me out to recover deleted Excel 2013 files? My friend will be shocked when he learns that I deleted his reports!!!"

Have you Tried Recovering Deleted Excel Files 2013 from Windows Recycle Bin?

May be not! All might not be lost; there are certain things to do and several places to look for deleted files. When you simply delete any wrong workbooks, the very first thing you need to do is to check the oblivious place - Windows Recycle Bin to recover deleted excel 2013 files. Depending on when you deleted the files (the deletion must be recent), you can easily retrieve deleted Excel 2013 files from Recycle Bin using these steps…

  • Double click on Recycle Bin icon present on desktop
  • If the Excel files which you are looking for are still there, then drag and drop one by one to the desktop

The Deleted Excel 2013 Files can’t be Recovered from Recycle Bin? One of the following might be the case…

  • You might have emptied Recycle Bin folder after the deletion of Excel files or
  • The files might have erased using SHIFT + DELETE keys or
  • The Excel files might have bypassed the Bin folder due to size limit issue

Quick Solution: Recovering deleted Excel files 2013 will be easy if you have maintained any back up of those files. Don't have backup and want to learn how to retrieve deleted Excel 2013 files? Then you need a reliable file recovery tool. Hi5 Software to Recover Files is the good choice!

Being basically designed to recover deleted, lost and formatted files, Hi5 File Reovery Applicationwill easily help you to get back deleted Eexcel 2013 worksheets without damaging the original data. Well, the toolkit’s friendly Graphical User Interface guides each and every recovery step in a detailed manner which can be understood by even a non technical person to perform Excel 2013 deleted files recovery.

Easy Installation Steps to Restore Deleted MS Excel 2013 Files

Initial set-up: Download and install Hi5 File Recovery Tool on your Windows system running with any latest operating systems (Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 7/Windows Vista, Windows XP/Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012).

  • Launch the software
  • Now, on the main screen you could see two basic recovery options – “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. For your case, “Deleted File Recovery” would be the suitable one
  • Select the appropriate drive from which deleted Excel files have to be retrieved and click on “Next” option
  • The program starts scanning the drive, and after some time it displays the recoverable file types. Pick up Excel files and click on “Next
  • The software will initiate the recovery process for restoring deleted Excel worksheets and completes the process in minimum amount of time
  • Mark the workbooks you were looking for and save them on any desired location

Note: You can also preview the restored Excel 2013 files before saving them. Further, it is also possible to sort out recovered Excel workbooks according to their file names, type, size, and date.

Know more about Hi5 File Recovery Program

  • Apart from Excel files, the application is considered as the perfect tool to recover deleted files of other file types like Word files, PowerPoint files, Compressed files, Text files, etc.
  • It will restore deleted and lost files from various kinds of storage devices like external hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, and many more
  • It has the ability to recover deleted worksheet Excel 2013 from the devices formatted with FAT and NTFS file systems
  • What’s more, the excel sheets created on any latest MS Office version could be recovered

Useful Suggestions

  • Maintain back-ups of crucial files on more than one storage device
  • Minimize the usage of SHIFT and DELETE keys together while erasing files from computer

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