Recovering Deleted Word Files Windows 7

"I am Paul; I recently deleted my important documents accidentally. I selected junk files along with some official doc file and deleted those files using Shift + Del combination key. Can anyone help me in recovering deleted Word files Windows 7 or else i've to recreate doc file from the start and it will take very long time for me to complete. Instead of recreating the files, is there any tool or application to restore deleted documents Windows 7?"

Microsoft Office suite is one of the applications that are largely used by corporate users. It is impossible to work without Word, Excel and PPT files. What happens if important doc file is deleted, knowingly or unknowingly? In case, if you're not aware on how to retrieve deleted Word documents from Windows 7, then nothing to worry about it. You can now easily reocver deleted foc files on Windows 7 in few simple steps.

Here is a one stop solution to easily get back deleted Word files in minutes - i.e, Hi5 File Recovery Application. It has the ability to retrieve deleted doc files Windows 7 in a short interval of time. This software is very simple and very secure to use so that even normal user can use this tool without any professional help.

Why Recovery Tool?

There may be many issues that can make doc file corrupt, damage or even delete. They are as follows

  • Unknowingly deleting Word document using Shift + Del combination keys – You may unknowingly delete document file using Shift + Del combination Keys which will bypass Recycle Bin resulting in data loss.
  • Interrupting Transferring Process – It is also possible when a file is getting transferred from system and USB drive and you interrupt the process which will lead to data loss.
  • Severe Virus/Trojan attack – Your system may get affected by virus or Trojan causing doc file inacessible which in turn you may go for deletion.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin - It is obvious that many users empty Recycle Bin without verifying it which may lead to data loss situations.
  • Accidentally formatting disk – Many times deletion of data is caused by human error such as accidentally formatting disk or by mistake deleting an important file.

Loss of file due to above reasons actually do not erase file from memory space permanently. When you delete some files, memory space is shown free until and unless you overwrite it with new data. So to recover deleted or lost files from any Windows OS version just make use of Hi5 Windows Recovery products. Whatever be the scenario for file loss, Hi5 Software File Recovery tool will help you in restoring deleted doc files Windows 7 in few simple steps.

Hi5 Software File Recovery- Reliable and Secure Tool

Hi5 Software File Recovery is very reliable and secure tool to recover deleted doc files Window 7. It supports recover of files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExtFAT. This software works on read only mode that does not modifying original doc files. It also provides Data View and File Type View option. Recovered files can be stored in any storage device. Likewise, it can be used to restore data from Verbatim external hard disk and also from other brands of hdd.

Tips for User:

  • Always maintain regular backup
  • Install reliable antivirus in your system
  • Always scan external device before transferring files to computer

Steps to be followed

  • Download Demo version of the software and start the application
  • Select appropriate option from displayed main screen “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” option
  • Select drive and quick scanning will be in progress
  • Recovered files are displayed and can be viewed by “Data Type View” and “File Type View”  option
  • In order to save recovered doc files you have to buy licensed version of the software

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