How to Restore Files from Maxtor One Touch Hard Disk

“Hi friends, I trust Maxtor One Touch device to backup all my vital data. Last night when I was managing my files to check for occupied space connecting it to Windows system, I found some old data which was not at all important now and was occupying much space of this external hard drive. So I thought of deleting it. While performing that task some of my vital files also got erased by my mistake.”

Soon after the above incident I searched with many tools over internet and tried possible ways to recover files from Maxtor One Touch and was tried of trying anymore. I was not even able to neglect the deleted data. So I finally asked my friend to help me out with this problem. He suggested me to use Hi5 Software File Recovery Tool. As he gave me a positive feedback about this utility with an experience I thought of trying this app. I am now thankful for his valuable suggestion.

Review of the software on my experience:

Hi5 Software File Recovery application helped me out to recover files from Maxtor One Touch effortlessly. I just followed few simple steps provided in free demo version and my deleted files were back in few seconds. Maxtor One Touch file recovery process was carried out safely without any damage to other files; this is because the app was found to be virus free. If you guys too are facing loss of files from the external hard disk then instead of cracking your head like me, you can directly trust on Hi5 Software File Recovery and proceed to download the application.

Know reasons for loss/deletion of files from Maxtor One Touch:

  • Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes users may erase all data from Maxtor one touch by formatting it mistakenly instead of formatting system partition when connected to Windows system.
  • Antivirus Program: Maxtor One Touch external hdd is scanned using antivirus application before performing any further action with Windows system. During the scanning process antivirus software deletes virus infected files from that device without any notice to the user.
  • Bad Sectors on the HDD: If there is presence of too many bad sectors on the Maxtor One Touch external hard disk then data on that location become inaccessible, due to this critical scenario you may lose vital data stored in it.
  • Improper Usage of Device: If you remove the connected Maxtor One Touch device from the Windows system without using “safe remove hardware option” then there are chances of file system getting corrupt making its files inaccessible anymore.

If you lose or delete files from Maxtor One Touch intentionally or unintentionally then stop worrying and stop adding new files, just use proficient tool named Hi5 Software File Recovery and retrieve files from Maxtor One Touch within no time.

Outstanding Features of Hi5 Software File Recovery:

  • Hi5 Software File Recovery is a marvelous tool that is designed using some advanced algorithms by technical experts to recover files from Maxtor One Touch effectively
  • This fast recovery tool has powerful scanning engine that scans entire Maxtor external hard disk and restores all types of files such as ZIP files, RAR files, Office files, music’s, images, etc. in quick span of time
  • This application has user friendly interface so that any user can restore Maxtor One Touch data without any technical people assistance. This software is cost friendly too. If you want to check performance of the tool then you can preview the recovered data from Maxtor One Touch with the help of trial version, if satisfied with this outcome then you can proceed further to buy licensed version and save your restored files to CD or DVD
  • This software can recover files from Maxtor One Touch regardless of any loss scenarios. In addition to this Maxtor One Touch external device recovery, one can use this application to restore deleted folders from external disk like memory cards, internal hdd, pen drives, SSD drives, USB drive, iPod, etc. in fraction of minutes. If you are unable to restore files from Recycle Bin then you can use this program and restore permanently deleted vital files from the system in matter of minutes
  • This application is compatible to perform Maxtor One Touch data recovery on connecting to any version of Windows including Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Follow these steps to recover files from Maxtor One Touch hard disk:

  • Download Hi5 Software File Recovery on your Windows computer
  • Connect your Maxtor One Touch hard disk to software downloaded PC
  • From the main screen, select "Deleted File Recovery" option and go to next screen
  • From the second screen, choose externally connected Maxtor hard drive and click on "Next" option
  • Software starts scanning the Maxtor drive, it may take few minutes to complete recovery process
  • You can use "Preview" option to view recovered files
  • Finally, store retrieved files by clicking on "Save" option(Applicabel to licensed users only)

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