Recovering Data from Samsung SD Card

Samsung SD card – a perfect device for the data storage needs! Well, the important and precious data like movies, pictures, songs, audios, and other media files are all stored on SD card. Sometimes, you can easily lose files from Samsung SD card through number of issues, and accidental deletion being the chief one among all the issues.

Assume this stuff: You have kept lots and lots of personal files and folders in a Samsung SD card, but lost some files due to accidental deletion!

Other Reasons for Data Loss from Samsung SD Card

  • Improper handling of a typical Samsung SD card
  • Continuously using the SD card even when the memory of SD Card is full
  • Using same SD card on different devices
  • Virus infection

Don’t worry! Now, you are fortunate enough to perform data recovery from Samsung SD card. All you need is a useful Samsung SD Card recovery program. This page is introducing a proven and highly effective method to retrieve Samsung SD card data. Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool is one of the powerful programs available in the market, which is pretty easy to utilize and will helps in restoring data from Samsung SD card. Download the free trial version of Hi5 Photo Recovery Software and start the recovery all by yourself. As the program is having simple GUI, you will be guided through clear onscreen steps.

Wonder how this utility works? Just follow this below tutorial and you will come to know how data would be recovered from Samsung SD card.

Step 1: Keep your Samsung SD card from being overwritten

As it is an aware fact that any further usage of SD card will overwrite the data and your precious data will be lost and can never come back. Therefore, keep in mind that not to perform any read/write operations once you suspect the data has lost from Samsung SD card.

Step 2: Install Hi5 and Run the Wizard

First, download and install the software on any popular versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. Now, connect the Samsung SD card and run the program. You will get the primary interface window containing three basic options. Then, select the appropriate recovery mode option among “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” and click on “Next”.

Step 3: Scan Samsung SD Card to Recover Files

After selecting the recovery mode, the tool will ask you to choose the SD card option. Once done with this, the software starts scanning the card. After couple of minutes, restored data will be displayed on the screen with complete folder structure.

Step 4: Preview, Check, and Save the Retrieved Data

Sort out the data according to its file name, type, size, and date of creation, and then preview the files you want to recover, mark the required one and save them on any Windows accessible devices. You can save upto 1GB of data from Samsung SD card using demo version. You need to buy licensed version to recover files from Samsung SD card.

Unique Features of Hi5 Photo Recovery Application

  • Recovers all types of media files like audios, videos, movies, pictures, songs, etc
  • Retrieves lost, deleted, formatted data from almost all storage cards like CF card, XD card, microSD card, miniSD card, MMC card, memory stick, SDHC card, SDXC card, etc. of all brands
  • Even, recover data from damaged memory cards and other media storage cards
  • Supports recovery of data from different SD card manufactures along with Samsung

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