Recover Pictures from Canon 1200D DSLR

Consider this real experienced scenario:

“I’m using a Canon 1200d DSLR camera.

Something strange has happened. When I took some photos in the morning, all was fine as expected. However somewhere along the way, after a point, the remaining pictures which I took are now missing from my Canon 1200D DSLR. So, I ended up with losing half of my image files. I would really appreciate some clues about what is happening here and how to recover pictures from Canon 1200D DSLR.

Please help me in the right direction on this issue. Thanks”

Solution: Hoping that Canon camera has not been used further after losing pictures from it, let us move towards discussing about the appropriate solution for the issue. Well, to solve the problem of recovery of photos from Canon 1200D DSLR camera, one needs to go with a reliable photo recovery tool.

Retrieve Canon 1200D DSLR Photos using Photo Recovery Software!

The most suitable utility one can use whenever he/she is the victim of above kind of situation is Hi5 Photo Recovery Application. Using this wizard, one can easily recover pictures from Canon 1200D DSLR camera after file deletion or loss cases. Further, this software is designed by experts and due to its easy-to-use interface, anyone can use it to restore photos from Canon 1200D DSLR. Further, the working of this tool is divided into two sections: Scanning the device and locating deleted or lost image files, and then retrieving them. This utility can also be implied on recovery of multimedia files from different brands of cameras. The complete procedure to be followed in order to retrieve images on camera is something like this…

  • Download Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool and launch it on a healthy Windows OS based system
  • Connect Canon 1200D DSLR camera to that system
  • In the main screen, two photo recovery modes like “DELETED PHOTO RECOVERY” and “LOST PHOTO RECOVERY” will appear
  • Choose the one according to the situation
  • Select the drive showing Canon 1200D DSLR camera
  • Quick scanning and recovering process will take place
  • Recovered photos will be displayed on the screen according to their name, type, size and date of creation
  • Preview the pictures using “PREVIEW” option
  • Finally, save them on desired location

Reasons for the Loss of Pictures on Canon 1200d DSLR camera

  • Ignoring low battery warning and continue to use Canon 1200d DSLR camera for clicking photos may lead to photo loss scenario
  • While removing some unwanted pictures user might have accidentally selected some valuable photos and have deleted them
  • If camera’s memory card or SD card has been infected by harmful viruses or malwares, pictures on camera might go missing
  • Improper ejection of camera card during the transfer of photos from card to computer

Important Suggestions

So, in order to avoid loss of images due to above mentioned scenarios, user has to consider couple of suggestions. They are…

  • Backup your beloved photos on system or any other storage devices
  • Avoid some tasks like using the Canon DSLR camera when it is running in low battery, abrupt removal of camera’s memory card, etc

Features of Hi5 Photo Recovery Utility

  • Along with photo recovery, this tool helps to restore audio and video files
  • Restores various image file formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, GIF, etc.
  • Compatible enough to recover RAW pictures of various types
  • Apart from Canon, program aids to retrieve photos from differnet brands of digital cameras like Nikon Camera, Samsung, Panasonic, Pentax, and many more
  • It can be easily installed on all major versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, and Windows 10
  • Hi5 Photo Recovery will be used to get back photos from all brands of flash drives such as - recovering data from Sony memory card, Lexar cards, kingston pen drives, transcend drives, etc.

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