Retrieve Files from Damaged Memory Card

"Last Week when I was transferring music files from computer to my phone memory card. Suddenly my daughter abruptly pulled my phone from PC. Later I wasn’t able to access any files stored in memory card. I lost all my files that were stored in Memory Card, now that is damaged. Is there any damaged memory card data recovery software? But beofre that is it possible to recover files from damaged Memory Card?"

Most people use memory card to store their cherished moments of their life by photos or videos. Memory Cards are widely used in all electronic gadgets such as cameras, mobile phones, iPods, tablets and many more. Memory cards are used due to its unique features like portability, capacity, performance, etc. unfortunately having many advantages; it is more prone to corruption or damage which leads to data loss.

Here's a software to recover files from damaged Memory Card. Make use of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery tool that will guide you how to restore files from damaged memory card. This software doesn’t need any professional experience to execute and recover files and folders stored in the Memory Card. It is built with advanced algorithms so that it retrieve files from damaged Memory Card quickly, easily and securely. Hence it is named as damaged Memory Card data recovery software.

Need of Recovery Tool:

Unluckily, despite having so many advantages of memory card there might be various reasons for data loss situations. Various issued are as listed below

  • Human Errors - Human errors such as abrupt pulling of memory card when transferring some files or deleting files accidentally may lead to data loss
  • Severe Virus Attack - Major reason of damaged or corrupt memory card is virus infection
  • Using Single Card in Multiple Systems - Whenever you use one single memory card in different devices there is a possibility of losing data
  • Third Party Application - There may be chances of data getting deleted or lost due to usage of unreliable and unsecure third party tool
  • Memory Card is Full - You try to store data when already memory space of card is full leading to data loss

Due to above mentioned issues there are possibilities of data loss from memory card. In such situations be calm as there is a hope of retrieving damaged memory card data. Hence you need good data recovery tool to recover files from damaged memory card.

Hi5 Software Photo Recovery - The Tool of Excellence

Application that recovers photos from corrupt or damaged memory card. This software also recovers video, audio, RAW images and many more with different formats. It is compatible with different versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003and 2008. This software is very secure and it doesn’t misuse personal information. This wizard can effeciently restore pictures from Nikon camera as well as other brands of cameras such as Canon, Olympus, etc. It recovers files from these devices without modifying the original data.

DO's and DON'Ts for Memory Card Users:

  • Avoid using memory card as soon as you realize there is loss of data
  • Avoid using camera memory card when battery is low
  • Never eject memory card abruptly when connected to computer

Steps for Recovering Data from Memory Card:

  • Download Demo version of the software
  • Connect corrupt/damaged memory card to healthy system and launch the software
  • Then select appropriate "Lost Photo Recovery" option
  • Select connected Memory Card drive and quick scanning will be in progress
  • Recovered files are displayed and can be viewed by "Data View" and "File Type View"  option
  • Saving of recovered memory card files will be possible with licensed version of the software

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