Recovering Data from Virus Infected Hard Disk

The hard drive is more vulnerable to virus contamination even if antivirus software is installed on the computer. A healthy hard disk may get affected by malware when the user visits unsafe sites while browsing, transfer data from an insecure external storage device, open malicious email attachments, install an unreliable application and so on.

After the hard drive gets virus infected, users can't read the data on the drive and they may lose access to it. The worst part is the virus may even remove all the data from your hard drive. So, before that retrieve data from virus infected hard drive.

How to Retrieve Data from Virus Infected Hard Drive?

Method 1: CMD to Recover Data from Virus Infected Hard Drive

Follow these 4 simple steps to recover files from virus infected hard drive using Command Prompt.

Step 1: Go to the Start menu and type cmd

Step 2: Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator

Step 3: Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d X:\*.* (X is virus infected hard drive)

Step 4: Hit Enter key

Now, your Windows computer starts repairing the virus infected hard drive. After completion of the process, go to your virus infected drive and check if you can see all the files.

Method 2: Restore Data from Virus Infected Hard Drive Via Hi5 Software File Recovery:

If Command Prompt fails to help you in accessing virus infected hard drive data, then it indicates that the severity of corruption/damage caused by malware is high. Thus, you need to retrieve data from virus infected hard disk with the help of an effective program like Hi5 Software File Recovery.

Simple Procedure to Get Data Out of Virus-Infected Hard Drive:

Step 1: Download and install Hi5 File Recovery Software on a healthy computer

Step 2: Plug-in the virus infected hard disk to that system

Step 3: Run the tool and select Lost File Recovery option

Step 4: Choose the connected virus infected hard drive and hit Next

Step 5: After quick scan, the tool shows entire files of virus-infected disk

Step 6: Preview required files and save them to another drive

Why Hi5 File Recovery to Retrieve Data from Virus Infected HDD?

Hi5 Software File Recovery application gives complete guidance in the simplest way on how to recover files from virus infected hard drive. The tool is designed with advanced algorithms by industry experts to effortlessly retrieve virus infected files from hard drive. This application is free from threats and performs recovery without causing any damage either to data or storage media. Inbuilt scan engine of this tool reads infected HDD to retrieve all types of files like MS office, ZIP, archives, music, image, etc. within few mouse clicks. With the aid of this utility you can recover hidden files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT partitions within no time.

Along with restoring virus infected files, the software has potential to recover files from emptied Recycle Bin on any version of Windows. You can also make use of this fast recovery application to recover infected files from the external hard drive, memory cards, pen drives, USB drive, etc. in addition to HDD. Simple interface and excellent tech assistance offered by the tool helps the user in recovering data from virus infected hard drive without any difficulty. You can also preview recovered files from virus infected drive even in the trial version of the software; thus, try the tool once and check its efficiency.

Tips to Avoid Virus Invasion and Data Loss:

  • Always maintain backup of important files on some safe storage device, so that you can restore it back when file is lost or deleted by malware
  • Always scan portable devices before using it on your Windows system
  • Never download any file from the untrusted sites
  • Avoid directly opening attachments/emails from unknown senders

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