Guide to Restore File that has been Deleted by Avira

When you run Avira antivirus on your computer to scan for viruses and malware, it moves files that are recognized as malware to quarantine. Hence, go to quarantine and ensure that it is malware, then permanently delete it from the system, if it is really a malware or virus. If the file is not a malware, then do as follows to move it back to original location-

  • Check the list of quarantined items and select the file which you want to restore
  • Then, select “Restore Object” or “Restore Object To” button to move files back to original location.
  • It prompts you with warning message, if you still want to restore that file, then, click on OK button

What if you delete files which are in quarantine even before ensuring that they are valuable files? Is there any way to get them back? Yes! you can recover files that have been deleted by Avira antivirus and it is made possible with the help of Hi5 Software File Recovery.

Follow Below Guide to Restore Files Deleted by Avira-

First of all, download Hi5 File Recovery Software on your computer and install it as per instructions shown on the screen. After completion of installation, launch the tool to carry out recovery process.

  • Select Deleted File Recovery option from the main screen
  • The software scans and shows a list of drives available on the computer
  • Choose the drive or partition from which file has to be recovered and click Next button
  • When tool displays a list of recovered files, preview them
  • Later, select the files that are required and hit Save button

This procedure will help you to restore all your files deleted by Avira. You can follow same steps to restore files that are deleted using any other antivirus software. Besides this, the tool can also be used for recovering files that are deleted by Shift Delete keys and Command Prompt. Also, files deleted after emptying Recycle Bin can also be recovered easily with this advanced file recovery software. Some of the other situations where this software comes handy-

  • When file gets erased due to accidental formatting
  • Files lost because of canceling transfer process in mid-way

And, many others… Moreover, the tool helps in getting files back deleted due to virus infection from storage devices like external HDD, memory card, pen drive, etc.

Some Other Main Features of Hi5 File Recovery Software -

  • Helps in recovering media files, compressed files, Office files, etc.
  • Easily restores files from drive formatted with FAT, NTFS, and exFAT file systems
  • Allows to save scanning results which can be resumed later
  • Provides Select File Type option to recover specific file types instead of all types of files

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