Recover Missing PST File

“I tried opening my Outlook profile this morning but it denied my access and some unknown error was popping. On repeated and multiple attempts, I was still not granted access to my profile. On further investigation, I found that the PST file on my system is missing. I never deleted it or formatted to end up losing it from my system. Is there anything I can do now to recover missing PST file from my computer?”

You don't have to worry when you realized the Outlook PST file missing from your system. One can effortlessly find missing PST file by making use of a recovery tool such as Hi5 Software File Recovery. This file recovery software has the ability to successfully scan the system and restore missing PST file in the least amount of time.

As you migh be knowing, MS Outlook is one of the most popular and widely used email clients across the world. It is not just used to send or receive emails but can additionally be used to manage your personal stuff such as calendar, notes, RSS feeds and so on. Every Outlook profile that is created on MS Outlook makes use of a file called PST file which is used entirely to save the user data in it. Every single data on your MS Outlook account is saved on this PST file which is found on the C drive of a Windows system. This PST file is highly delicate and is the fact that it is saved on the C drive which makes it highly vulnerable too. Due to various reasons the PST file may be deleted or go missing from ones system but by making use of Hi5 Software File Recovery, one can easily relax and find missing PST file on any Windows system.

What makes the PST file go missing from the system?

  • Viruses in the host system can gain access to the PST file causing it to get corrupt and ultimately deleted from the system, sometimes Outlook PST file may be lost
  • The user may format system and lose the PST file from system
  • Misplacing the file from its path

Such unfortunate events are inevitable while on the other hand it is easy to know how to recover lost pst file(s) from your system. This is made possible with the aid of Hi5 Software File Recovery Tool.

Why should you make use of Hi5 Software File Recovery?

This Outlook PST file recovery software makes use of a unique and advanced recovery algorithm which has revolutionized the concept of PST file recovery. It was developed by a group of expert professionals after in-depth research and the software has the ability to recover missing PST file in just a matter of minutes regardless of which Outlook version the said PST file belongs to. The software is ‘read only’ which promises that the PST file is unaltered and recovers it in the safest fashion which you would expect it to do so.  With the aid of this wizard, one can effectively recover files stored in any of the external drives like WD My Passport device. Hence it is also named as best data recovery tool for WD My Passport. It is also compatible on all versions of Windows that are available currently and is designed with a simple GUI to let you use it with less effort while recovering a missing PST file.

Steps to Recover Missing PST File:

  • Install the application on your system and launch it
  • Select the location from which you'd like to recover the file
  • Upon clicking on next, the application begins to scan the system
  • Once the search is complete, a list of recovered files is displayed to you and the search tool lets you to find the PST file which can later be saved to any location on your system

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