Restore Files from Lexar Jump Drive

Easily recover lost or deleted Lexar Jump Drive data, using the powerful Lexar flash drive recovery software. No matter how your data is lost/deleted, this ideal tool can help you get them back with a few clicks.

Lexar jump drive is one of the convenient storage devices for storing data as it is a plug-and-play device. It is easy to store media files like pictures, music, videos and other documents like Word files, PPT files, Excel files, etc. on Lexar jump drive. Also, you can carry it wherever you go and access data from it.

Problems with Lexar Jump Flash Drive:

Despite many advantages in Lexar flash drive, you can also find one disadvantage, which is none other than data loss issue. You can find many reasons how files could be lost/deleted from Lexar jump drive.

Upon facing data loss issues from Lexar jump drive, you start searching software to recover files from Lexar jump drive. Don’t worry, this tutorial helps you to restore Lexar jump drive files. Just be calm and avoid overwriting after losing files from Lexar jump drive.

Easy Way to Recover Files from Lexar Jump Drive:

Download Hi5 File Recovery application on your Windows computer. It displays you with simple steps that can be easily understood even for non-technical users. Follow those steps, and learn easily how to get back files from Lexar flash drive and store them in the desired location. This application performs USB drive data recovery and helps in viewing its content after completion of data recovery process.

How to Recover Data from Lexar Jump Drive?

Step 1: Connect the Lexar jump drive from which you need to recover data to a working Windows computer and install the software on the system.

Step 2: Launch the Hi5 Software File Recovery tool and click on Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery button.

Step 3: Select the connected Lexar jump drive from the list of shown disks (followed by its partition).

Step 4: If you wish, specify lost or deleted file types to recover from Lexar Jump drive or simply Skip this step.

Step 5: On completion of the scanning process, you can view recovered files from Lexar Jump drive.

Step 6: Select and Save your required restored files from Lexar Jump drive on the computer internal hard drive.

More About Hi5 File Recovery Program

  • With this Hi5 File Recovery Software, you not only get a complete guide on recovering files from Lexar flash drive but also data recovery from other storage devices like internal memory of the computer, external hard drives, flash drives, laptops, and notebooks can be done easily
  • Allows you to retrieve lost files such as documents, photos, audio, video and digital RAW images
  • Can restore files from flash USB drives of brands like Sony MicroVault, Kingston DataTraveller, Sandisk Cruzer, Transcend JetFlash, etc.
  • Hi5 program assists you to recover files after deletion, formatting, repartitioning of large size external USB drive brands including Seagate FreeAgent or GoFlex, Western Digital WD Passport, Kingston Wi Drive, iOmega eGo Portable and SSD flash etc.
  • You can easily restore recently added files missing from hard disk using the same Hi5 Recovery Software

What are the Causes for Loss/Deletion of Data from Lexar Jump Drive?

Some of the common issues faced by Lexar jump drive users are as follows...

  • Unable to access any data from Lexar jump drive due to format error
  • Nothing can be seen in Lexar jump drive when the file system is damaged
  • Files cannot be found from Lexar jump drive after accidental deletion
  • Unintentionally formatting the Lexar jump drive erases all the files stored in it
  • An intrusion of virus in Lexar jump disk deletes all the files without giving any notification. These viruses can infect your device when it is connected to any virus infected computers
  • Sudden power failure while moving data from Lexar flash drive to system drive can result in loss of data preserved in it

So, be cautious while using your Lexar jump drive. and keep it clean and virus-free.

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