Repairing PST File after Recovery

In this economical world, MS Outlook has become one of the most useful application that helps to keep emails, contacts, tasks, meetings, RSS feeds and other important information. All those attributes gets stored in PST file. It gives an easy way to move important files through emails. Hence it is widely used in all organizations and educational institutions to store crucial information. However a great risk of data loss from Outlook PST file is a common issue for many users.

While executing some important tasks on Outlook application you may delete a needed PST file accidentally. On some instance, you may end up losing PST file along with its attributes because of any unknown reasons like hard drive format issue, OS corruption, hard drive crash, etc. Due to all these issues, access to Outlook PST file will be useless.

How to repair recovered .pst file?

After losing files from Outlook PST, you find file recovery software to recover lost, deleted PST files. But unfortunately, this might work in wrong manner. After recovering Outlook PST file using recovery tool, it might refuse to open as it badly corrupted. This is because of using some untrustworthy application to recover PST files.

Outlook PST file corruption after file recovery will be the most frustrating thing for Outlook users. You might not get the exact reason why Outlook behaves abnormally. On such scenarios, you have to analyze the cause for such reactions. Unreliable tools that is used for PST file recovery might change PST file settings randomly. PST file would get corrupted because of some harmful viruses attached with that untrustworthy PST recovery software. In some situations, PST file recovery tool makes partial recovery and all the contents turns into inaccessible state.

Scanpst.exe tool helps you to repair PST file that is corrupted at some extent. But if the corruption issue is severe in Outlook, then inbuilt inbox PST repair program fails to fix corruption issue. Or else if you have the updated backup of important files on other external drives then you can easily restore from them. In case of not having backup files, only solution is to go for relevant PST repair tool.

Program to Repair Recovered PST File

Hi5 Software Outlook PST File Repair is one of the most trusted professional program to fix recovered PST file. You can easily get rid of severely corrupted PST file issues on Outlook in few minutes. Hi5 Program ensures an accurate recovery of all emails, contacts, tasks, RSS feeds, journals and other attributes from Outlook.

Other situations where Hi5 Tool is helpful:

  • Sharing Outlook PST file over a network by multiple users
  • Improper termination of Outlook application
  • PST file exceeds its file size limit
  • Intrusion of deadly viruses on your PC
  • Presence of many bad sectors

If Outlook PST file is corrupted because of above mentioned reasons or others then Hi5 Tool supports you in repairing PST file and you can easily access those files.

More about Hi5 Software Outlook PST File Repair Utility

  • Fixing recovered PST files of different Microsoft Outlook versions like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems for repairing PST file after recovery
  • Easy graphical representation of Hi5 Tool guides you on how to fix recovered Outlook PST file and convert it into a healthy file
  • Hi5 Software gives you step by step guidance to repair Outlook 2003 can’t recognize .pst file problem easily in few clicks
  • Retrieves files from Outlook deleted items folder with all its attributes like To, CC, Subject, attachments etc.
  • Although if your Outlook application freezes or stops responding suddenly, Hi5 Software Outlook PST File Repair Tool comes in handy to repair and recovers Outlook files

Repair a PST file by following these simple steps:

  • Download Hi5 Software PST File Repair on your system
  • From the beginning screen, use "Browse" option and place corrupt PST file
  • Click on "Repair" option
  • Once the file is repaired, you can click on "Preview" option to view repaired PST file
  • Select "Save" option for saving fixed Outlook PST file on any desired location

Note: Save option cannot be accessed while using demo version. For saving repaired PST file, you will have to activate licensed version of this Hi5 Software.

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