PowerPoint 2013 File Repair Utility

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is one of the latest released editions which have come out with some advanced features compared to its previous versions. It is used by many users across the globe to create important presentations or documents. Even you may have used PowerPoint 2013 for the same purpose. After its frequent or wide usage, it may be common for you to see the errors like...

  • "PowerPoint 2013 cannot open PPT file"
  • "File cannot be opened"
  • "Part of file is missing error"

Errors while opening PPT/PPTX 2013 PowerPoint file indicates that the file is corrupted and such files are no more accessible until it is fixed using reliable application. To avoid loss of vital presentation files and to repair PowerPoint 2013 file, you should make use of right software, because use of untrusted application may worsen the current corrupt file. Just go through this page and know about right app that can fix Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 file easily.

Which application to go with for repairing PowerPoint 2013 and why?

According to industrial experts, the right application for PowerPoint 2013 file repair is Hi5 PowerPoint File Repair Software. It is designed by experts using advanced repairing techniques so that it can repair PowerPoint 2013 file without causing any complicated issues. This program repairs and recovers all the text, animations, OLE objects, images, sound, etc. from the PPT file created on PowerPoint 2013. This Hi5 PowerPoint File Repair Program has many useful benefits that aids you to learn how to repair a corrupt PowerPoint file 2013. So look no further, just download its trial version and experience the tool and its capacity before purchasing the paid version.

Reasons why PowerPoint 2013 file becomes inaccessible

  • Improper Closure: PowerPoint file must be closed properly using “Exit” option. Abrupt termination of the system without closing opened PowerPoint 2013 file may corrupt the file severely.
  • Header Corruption: In case the header of 2013 PPT file gets corrupted due to any reasons like virus, improper closure, bad sectors, etc. then you will not be able to access such files as the header is a reference that stores details of the file such as file size, modification date, creation date, etc.
  • Improper Download: If you try downloading 2013 PPT file when there is slow network available then in such case due to insufficient network you may get PPT file with an error message, and trying to open such corrupt PowerPoint file is impossible.

If you are worried for losing your valuable data stored in PPT 2013 file due to above mentioned reasons, then make use of Hi5 PowerPoint File Repair Toolkit that has the capability in how to fix PowerPoint 2013 file damaged due to any critical scenarios.

Features of Hi5 PowerPoint File Repair Tool

Hi5 PowerPoint File Repair App can fix PPT file 2013 easily including PPT files that are created on various versions of PowerPoint such as PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 in few moments. With the aid of this application you can fix PPT, PPTX, PPS files in matter of minutes. It is read only application that can perform PowerPoint file repair without disturbing the original source file. Simple interface of this tool helps users in repairing PowerPoint 2013 file smoothly. With the help of this software, you can even know how to fix PPT can't read outline error, PowerPoint file not found error, etc. Any people can buy this tool as it cost much less compared to other tools. First try with demo version, and if satisfied then you can purchase licensed one and store all repaired files in some location or in CD or DVD.

Steps to repair PowerPoint 2013 file:

Step 1: Install the downloaded Hi5 PowerPoint File Repair tool on your system, run the application and browse the corrupt PPT file which you want to repair

Step 2: Once you select the file, click on Repair button

Step 3: Software will start repairing selected PPT/PPTX file

Step 4: Once the repair process gets over, you can Preview the repaired file and Save it to the desired location

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