Is It Possible to Fix Partially Corrupted MOV Files?

Yes! You can repair your partially corrupt MOV files in several ways. Go through this article and opt an apt method of your choice.

Sometimes you may see “The file is incomplete and cannot be played” error message while playing your MOV videos. This or similar sorts of error won’t allow you to play MOV files and thus, you will lose the accessibility of your important MOV videos.

But, why a MOV file shows these sorts of errors? The reason behind this problem is partially corrupt MOV files. When your MOV file corrupted or damaged partially then it screens several errors and denies to play.

There are certain causes for partial corruption/damage of MOV files and few main reasons are listed here.

  • Partially downloaded MOV file via the internet
  • Frequently switching MOV video between Mac and Windows
  • Virus intrusion on MOV file
  • Improper way of converting a video to MOV format
  • CRC errors
  • Presence of bad sectors on storage drive
  • Generated errors while creating the MOV video
  • Software conflicts of player, which plays the MOV
  • Utilizing insecure tools to recover MOV files

When your MOV file encounters any of the above glitches, then the MOV file header will get corrupt or damage. Then, it shows error and rejects to play. So, how to repair your partially corrupt MOV file to make it playable? By following below mentioned methods.

1. Using VLC to Fix Partially Corrupt MOV File:

  • Replicate your partially corrupt MOV file
  • Rename the duplicated file with .avi extension
  • Launch VLC and go to Preferences
  • Select Input or Codecs option
  • Click the Save option
  • Enable Always Fix option located beside Repair AVI files

2. Fixing Partially Corrupt MOV Video with Hi5 Tool:

  • Install and launch Hi5 MOV File Repair tool
  • Select a healthy file along with the partially corrupt MOV file
  • Hit the Repair button
  • Verify the repaired MOV file using Preview option
  • Save the fixed file on safe location

Why Hi5 MOV File Repair Software?

  • Efficiently repairs corrupt or damaged MOV, MP4 and M4V files, which fails to play on any media player
  • Works on all storage devices like HDD, portable drive, media card, USB etc.
  • You can use it on all editions of Windows system and Mac supported version is also available
  • Always at your help when you cannot play movie file, recorded video or any files created by any device
  • User can evaluate its repairing capability by previewing fixed video prior to save
  • Doesn’t affect the source file and it is free from malware
  • Offers a free demo version and excellent technical assistance
  • Simple to use interface and easy to go recovery mechanism

Safety Measures:

  • Never play your MOV files in an incompatible player
  • Download your MOV videos from a secure website in presence of good internet connectivity
  • properly handle MOV videos during transfer/download process
  • Have a good antivirus tool and often update it

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