Fixing MS Word 2010 on Windows 7

“Hi, I have Word file that contains my confidential information. Since I had to format my PC recently I copied the file to my external hard disk. Now when I open the Word file I keep getting the message “Microsoft Word cannot be opened. Try again or repair the product in the control panel”. I am not able to figure out how to repair microsoft word 2010 in Windows 7 using control panel. The information in that file is really vital. Is there any other easy way to repair it? Please provide some suggestions”

Microsoft Word users often come across various errors on Word files. Such errors arise due to logical errors on the file. However, it is difficult to fix these errors manually. In order to repair Word 2010 in Windows 7, one must take the help of repair tools. Such software will be able to identify the problems easily and fix them efficiently. One such amazing and powerful tool is Hi5 Software Word File Repairing Application. This Word Document Repair Software is designed to fix Word 2010 in Windows 7 and restore its content like text, images, OLE objects, bar charts etc. Before exploring more features of this tool let us look at some basic scenarios that cause damage on Word 2010 files.

At certain times for the purpose for business, one might have to convert the word files to some other text file format. This method is generally referred by the name round tripping. For this, you might take help of third party tools and convert them. However, if you have insufficient knowledge regarding the process sometimes, you might end up in damaging the word file.

Have you ever heard of Macro viruses? These are special kind of virus that is generally designed to infect word files. They infuse its own code inside the files and make the word file corrupted. As a result of this, the word file refuses to open. Thereby, one might end up losing their valuable data.

Compression of word files also sometimes leads to corruption of data. When you employ unreliable software it may alter the header or file structure of the word file and make it inaccessible.

Apart from the above reasons, one might damage the Word file due to reasons like software malfunction, employing unreliable software to customize the files, abrupt system termination etc. In these situations, you can utilize the features of this professional software and get complete solution on how to fix Word 2010 Docx file the and repair all kinds of damage efficiently.

How to Repair Microsoft Word 2010 in Windows 7

  • Download Hi5 Word File Repair Software to repair Word 2010 in Windows 7
  • Run the tool, select the corrupt Word 2010 document and click on "Repair" option
  • Once the file is repaired, you can view using "Preview" option and store using "Save" option

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