How to Fix Corrupted DOCX Files

Word file corruption may cause a frustrating moment. Many users have the misconception that once the Word document gets corrupt or inaccessible, it cannot be retained back. But this is not the fact, today there are many ways available to repair corrupt DOCX file.

If you have a damaged DOCX file and trying to fix it, then try the methods mentioned in this article. First try to open corrupted DOCX file using another computer, if same problem persists, then save it using a format such as RTF or TXT and try to open the file. If nothing works, then check out the methods which may help to fix your corrupted Word file

Fix#1: Use Recover Text from Any File Option to Recover Text from Corrupted DOCX file

This method won’t help you to fix your corrupted DOCX file, but it extracts text from corrupted Word file. Follow the steps mentioned below to recover text from corrupted DOCX document-

1. Navigate to File -> Open

2. In the Files of type box, select Recover Text from Any File.

3. Choose the DOCX file from which you want to recover the text

4. Hit Open

Note-: After recovering text from damaged document, change the Files of type box to Word Document.

Fix #2: Use Microsoft Office Built-in Open and Repair Option

You can try this method, if you are unable to open Word file due to corruption. To Repair Word, go to Control Panel and then select Programs and Features. After that, select the Microsoft Office and right click on it. Now, from the drop down menu, choose Change option followed by Repair. It will take time to repair your Word application. After completion, go back to your damaged DOCX and open it. If it doesn’t fix the issue, then you need to go for a third party software to fix the corrupted DOCX file.

Fix #3: Fixing Damaged DOCX File using Hi5 Software Word File Repair

Hi5 Software Word File Repair is an advanced tool which helps to repair corrupt DOCX file. It doesn’t alter source file, while repairing corrupted DOCX file. It easily repairs and extracts Word file attributes such as OLE objects, Font, images, graphs, tables and many more.

How to Fix Damaged DOCX using Hi5 Software Word File Repair?

Download the software on your system and follow the instructions to install it successfully. Launch the tool and proceed further. It has simple to use GUI so that even novice users can use it without any expert’s help.

Step 1. When the main screen appears, select corrupt DOCX file and click “REPAIR” option

Step 2. After completion, view repaired Word docx file using “Preview” option

Step 3. Then, save DOCX file in any safe location

Hi5 Software Word File Repair Software is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating Systems including Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Other Significant features of Hi5 Software Word File Repair

  • Repair unreadable corrupt Word files of DOC and DOCX file extensions or inaccessible due to severe corruption
  • Ability to fix word file which had CRC errors
  • Fixed Word files can be stored to any accessible drives on system or external drives
  • Supports recovery of files created using Microsoft Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions

Whatever may be the reasons for corruption, it will help you to fix corrupted Word docx file within few minutes. The various reasons for data corruption in MS Word is as follows –
  • Word file may also get corrupted during improper OS re-installation
  • Sudden power cut off or abruptly shutting down the system may lead to data corruption
  • Harmful virus and malware infection may also result MS Word file corruption
  • Transfer error occurring due to transferring of file from system to external storage device can cause corruption of docx file
  • CRC errors may also cause Microsoft Word document corruption

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