How to Open RAR File on Windows 7

“Hello everyone, since many years I was working on Windows XP operating system and now I switched to Windows 7 OS. Today I am unable to open one of my important RAR files in Windows 7. Even I don’t have any backup of the same stored in any external device. An error message was displayed stating that RAR file is corrupted and cannot be opened anymore. Now my question is how to open RAR file on Windows 7?”

Well, RAR is a compression technique used widely by many computer users to compress one or many files. This technique is used for easy transfer of files over internet. It is easier to download huge files from internet which is compressed using RAR compression tool. Despite its advantages, you may come across some data corruption issues due to which you cannot open RAR file in Windows 7. Under such conditions, make use of Hi5 RAR File Repair Software which is the perfect software to open RAR file in windows 7.

Hi5 RAR File Repair Tool is well known to repair corrupt or damaged RAR files without consuming more time. In addition, this RAR file opener for Windows 7 is very budget friendly and is very easy to use. This software application is developed using modern technology and experienced engineers so that both technical and non-technical users can use it with great comfort. This application works on all versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows server 2003 and 2008, etc. including Windows 7. It is free from virus and gives 100% assurance to repair severely corrupted files.

How to resolve RAR file not opening in Windows 7 problem through Hi5 RAR File Repair?

Well, you can first download the trial version of Hi5 RAR File Repair Utility on any Windows OS versions and launch it, run the program. Select RAR file that is not opening and click “REPAIR” option. Software will strat scanning and repair process will get initiate. Once done with the process to fix RAR file not opening in Windows 7 issue, you can view the repaired RAR file using "PREVIEW" button. Finally, to save the fixed RAR purchase paid version of the toolkit. That's all!

Causes for RAR file damage and how to avoid its corruption?

RAR files easily get corrupted due to reasons explained as follows...

  • Third Party Utility: You may try to compress files using unsecure third party tool that might corrupt or damage RAR files. Thus such files are unable to open and display error messages.
  • CRC Error: You may download RAR files from any site which is not trustworthy, thus introducing CRC errors in your RAR files may also results in RAR file corruption.
  • Sudden Power Failure: There are high possibilities for RAR file corruption during sudden power failure. Suppose you are working on your RAR files and suddenly there is a power cut off then there is a chance that your file may not open anymore.
  • BAD Sectors: It is also possible that due to bad sectors on your hard drive or external drive where you have stored RAR files get corrupted or damaged.
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons for file corruption may be improper termination of the documents, trying to convert file extension in improper way, any sort of interruption while downloading of RAR files and many more.

To avoid all these issues with RAR files, backing up crucial data regularly on more than one device is important. Then it is suggested to use secure tools for compression process. Also, RAR file corruption may alsp happe due to virus infections, so install reliable antivirus to protect your system. Last but not the least; avoid interruptions while downloading RAR files.

Useful attributes of Hi5 RAR File Repair Utility

  • It has ability to repair large RAR files of all sizes ranging from 2GB to 4GB and more
  • It fixes CRC errors found on RAR files and easily repair password protected, encrypted, virus infected RAR file
  • Its advanced repair algorithms doesn't modify any data present on RAR archive while repair process
  • Supported WinRAR versions are: WinRAR 2.00, 2.90, 3.50, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90 and 4.00
  • It easily repairs errors like unzipping password protected RAR files, Windows can't open RAR file, access denied extracting RAR file, and so on

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