Unzip Large RAR Files

“Hello everyone, hope I will get solution to my problem here. Recently I downloaded large size RAR files associated with my official projects. When I tried to extract large RAR files, I was unable to do that. Now the question is how to unzip large RAR files? Is there any software to extract large RAR files? Kindly help me out with this issue.”

RAR file is a native format of WinRAR archives. RAR files are data containers; they store one or more files in compressed form. RAR is currently the most efficient techniques used for compressing the files. Despite of having many advantages, you may face problems with such compressed files. You may come across situations where your important RAR files may get corrupted and you are unable to open large RAR files.

Don’t worry, now it is possible to unzip large RAR files even after its corruption easily and swiftly using Hi5 RAR File Repair Tool. Make use of this software to get to know how to extract large RAR files after its damage due to any circumstances. This tool is very popular in software market as it is very easy to use because of its friendly user interface. This tool also comes with demo version so that users can evaluate its performance before buying licensed versions. Today, there are more than million customers who have been satisfied with this repairing tool.

Common circumstances which may lead to large RAR file corruption

  • Download Error: When you download any large size RAR files from untrustworthy site there are chances for large RAR file corruption
  • Virus Attack: Due to severe virus attack in computer systems, large RAR files stored may get corrupted causing unable to extract it
  • Internet Error: Sudden interruption such as loss of internet connectivity, slow speed and many more while downloading process is going on can also lead to RAR file corruption
  • Incompatibility: When you try to decompress RAR file in incompatible version of the WinRAR application, then you might get some errors leading to RAR file corruptions
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons are transferring of RAR files improperly; CRC errors and many more can lead to RAR file corruptions

Salient features of Hi5 RAR File Repair Utility

  • Supports fixing and extracting of large RAR files having size of 4GB or more
  • Repairing of any versions of RAR files is supported
  • Ability to repair password protected RAR archives
  • Capability of fixing RAR files having CRC error
  • Access Denied Error while extracting RAR will also be resolved easily
  • It has strong and semi-automated repairing inbuilt algorithm
  • Repairs corrupt or inaccessible RAR files effortlessly
  • Provides “Preview” option to view repaired RAR files
  • Compatible with latest versions of Windows operating system

Steps to be followed to fix large RAR files

  • Download Hi5 RAR File Repair Application and install it on system
  • Select large RAR file and click “REPAIR
  • Quick repairing process will take place
  • Repaired RAR file can be view using “PREVIEW” option
  • Buy licensed version of this software to save repaired RAR file

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