Repairing Handbrake MP4 Audio Sync Problem

“Recently I converted a video using Handbrake application. After conversion I played MP4 file in Media Player and suddenly there was audio out of sync problem. I replayed that video but same issue was detected. Now I am wondering how to fix audio out of sync handbrake MP4 video? Please help me in to fix handbrake MP4 audio out of sync issue and other handbrake audio problems. Thank you.”

Do not worry when you encounter handbrake mp4 audio out of sync problem. You need some good MOV File Repairing Software to repair handbrake MP4 audio out of sync without any difficulties. Many users live in misconception that once file get corrupted then it cannot be repaired. But with growing technology one can make use of video repairing utility to fix handbrake MP4 audio out of sync issue.

One such tool is Hi5 Software MOV File Repair Utility which will easily repair handbrake MP4 audio out of sync within few simple mouse clicks. This repairing utility also works on MOV video files which are corrupted due to various scenarios. This tool can be used by all levels of users as it is very easy to execute and gives step by step guidance. Hi5 MOV Video File Repair Software can easily repair MOV and MP4 files stored in any storage device that is detected on Windows Operating System. Apart from these, it also provides user with demo version so that user can check its performance before purchasing the licensed version.

Scenarios that cause handbrake MP4 audio out of sync:

  • When you use improper method of converting or any sort of interruption takes place while using handbrake application then there are high possibilities of MP4 file corruption
  • Sometime incompatibility between Media player and MP4 file cause audio out of sync problems in MP4 file that is converter using handbrake tool
  • Due to harmful virus present in computer system can cause handbrake MP4 files audio out of sync issue

Why Hi5 Software MOV File Repair should be used?

  • Ability to repair corrupt or damaged MOV, MP4 files that are not playable or partially playable
  • Supports repairing of MOV and MP4 videos that have larger file size
  • Powerful algorithms incorporated in this utility helps user in fixing audio delay in MP4 easily, safely and quickly
  • Capability to fix damaged movie files due to camera faulty firmware
  • Ability to repair audio frames and video frames separately and then adjoins to form new healthy video files
  • Repaired file can be saved in any accessible internal and external drives
  • Supports repairing of MOV and MP4 file that is created by all types of camera and camcorder

Tutorial to fix Handbrake MP4 audio sync problem:

  • Download Hi5 Software MOV File Repair on Windows system
  • Select healthy file and damaged MP4 file and click on “NEXT
  • View repaired file using “PREVIEW” option
  • You can store repaired videos by activating the licensed version

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