Fix MOV Files from Black Magic Pro Recorder

The problem–“My Black Magic Pro recorder has synchronization problems for longer MOV video clips. I didn’t expect that Black Magic Pro – such a great device will be having such problems!

When I contacted its support team, I came to know that the issue is not with the device, but with the videos captured on that. They are telling that the videos have been corrupted.

Can MOV videos be repaired? If so, then which is the right way to go with? Please suggest with some useful information.”

Solution – When MOV files recorded on Black Magic Pro recorder got damaged, then Hi5 MOV File Repair Application is the good idea.

Before switching to Hi5 MOV File Repair Software to repair MOV files from Black Magic Pro recorder, have you made sure about these things...

  • You are running the updated drivers on the recording device
  • You tried with playing MOV videos on both Windows Media player and QuickTime players as the Black Magic Pro has a support for both of these formats

Still the issue is not solved, then go with the program mentioned above for fixing MOV videos from Black Magic Pro recorder.

What are the causes for the corruption of MOV videos on Black Magic Pro recorder?

  • Loss of power during transfer of video files or while recording
  • Loss of HDMI and other analog connections during recording of videos
  • Virus infection on files
  • When recorder battery is running out of battery
  • Malfunction of recorder like crashing, freezing, etc. While recording videos

Hi5 MOV File Repair Software for Windows

Well, the software has been designed and developed using easy-to-use interface that aids in repairing MOV files from Black Magic Pro recorder without any complications. Its advanced repair techniques carry out the process to fix Black Magic Pro MOV file in such a way that the video quality remains intact. You can install the software on Windows systems running with Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP/ Windows Server 2003/ 2008/2012 operating systems.

Other features of Hi5 MOV File Repair Application includes as follows...

  • It repairs camera video file types such as MOV and MP4 recorded using popular digital camera brands such as Sony, Samsung, Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Casio, Olympus and many others
  • Fix MOV files stored on all popular memory cards types like SD, CF, xD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, memory stick, etc.
  • Even large MOV as well as high definition videos will be easily repaired
  • Helps in fixing MOV files from different types of series of Black Magic recorder
  • Repair MOV file on VLC, Windows media player, QuickTime player, etc. When videos are unplayable
  • Video files which have been damaged on pen drives, computer hard drives, external hard drives formatted with FAT and NTFS file systems will also be fixed
  • Preview option is available in this toolkit to have a view on repaired video before saving

Simple steps to fix MOV files from Black Magic Pro recorder

  • Download and install Hi5 MOV File Repair Software on Windows system
  • Launch the tool by double clicking on the desktop icon, and connect Black Magic Pro camera to that system
  • It will also ask you to submit the healthy working MOV file from the same recorder to start repair process
  • Then, choose your corrupt MOV file from Black Magic recorder using "Browse" option
  • After selecting corrupt and healthy MOV file, click on "Repair" button
  • Application starts scanning and repairing process, once it is completed you can view repaired MOV video using "Preview" option
  • Buy the license key and save the repaired MOV video file on any desired place on your system by clicking on "Save" button

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