MOV Video Repair on VLC

Do you know that a VLC is not just a media player for watching movies, but it serve you also as a video repair tool? The VLC player offers great features to deal with damaged video files. This may surprise you, but it is true that using VLC media player one can easily repair MOV, MP4 and other movie files. Well, this page highlights about repairing MOV video file with VLC player, and an alternative method to fix MOV file on VLC on Windows platform, if the player fails to do so.

How to fix MOV on VLC?

Whenever you get an error message while attempting to play MOV video files on VLC, it indicates that the file has been corrupt and the player can’t read it. The player may ask you for permission for MOV video repair on VLC. Being unfamiliar with the repairing capabilities of VLC, one might click on”NO”. So, just remember that next time the player asks you permission to repair MOV with VLC, click “Yes”, and follow the below steps…

  • Launch VLC Player; click Tools, and then go to Preference
  • Jump to "Input and Codecs" section. Next to "Damaged or incomplete video file", select "Always fix". Then, click on "Save"
  • Now you can load all MOV files and they will all work even when they are damaged, incomplete or corrupt, VLC media player will automatically help in fixing MOV

Hi5 MOV File Repair Program – the perfect alternative for fixing MOV videos

What if your MOV video can’t be fixed using the above mentioned method? Well, in such case you can opt for Hi5 MOV File Repair Toolkit. It repairs MOV video files corrupted from various cases like:

  • Header damage (MOV file header)
  • Compression or file format conversion issue
  • Improper sync between audio and video codec
  • Virus intrusion
  • Malfunctioning of media players when they don’t possess the appropriate codec required to play the file, etc.

The toolkit can be installed on any popular Windows operating systems ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10. So, download its free trial version and learn how to fix videos when they can’t be played.

Follow these easy steps to repair corrupt MOV files on Windows

  • Download Hi5 MOV File Repair Tool on your Windows system and install it
  • Start repair process by running the application
  • Click on "Browse" option to provide a corrupted and a healthy MOV video file. Then click on "Repair" option to begin the repair process
  • Software starts scanning the MOV file
  • After some time, you will find an option to "Preview" the repaired MOV file
  • To save your repaired MOV file at any location, buy the licensed version of the software

Hi5 MOV File Repair Application does its job in a simple way!

Hi5 MOV File Repair has a very simple user interface such that even a novice user can use the software comfortably. It is a safe, read- only application that does not alter the contents of the original file. You can just get its trial version and preview the repaired video before purchasing the tool.

Along with VLC, the software is designed to safely repair video files unplayable on other various media players like Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and so on. Even large sized MOV files can be repaired with ease by this tool. It even assists in repairing MP4 files apart from MOV. During the repair process, the utility extracts data from the corrupted video file, repairs audio and video streams separately and later joins them to create a healthy playable video. In fact, the software will even repair recovered MOV files that become corrupt after a recovery process as a result of using unreliable applications.


  • Always keep backup of important MOV video files on more than one storage device
  • Update your media player with proper codec support
  • Avoid downloading video from erratic websites which would harm other existing video files

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