How to Restore Recently Deleted Mac Files

Deleting files on Mac is not a new phenomenon. It is done on a daily basis. But you can still restore recently deleted files on Mac provided you take the required actions immediately. If you happen to delete files by a simple “Delete” option, it is suggested to stop further addition or deletion of files from Mac so that you can recover recently deleted files from Mac Trash. To do this, just double click on Trash icon, then navigate to files you are looking for, right click and select Put Back option. Alternatively, you can also simple drag and drop the files to the location where you want to.

But one drawback with Mac Trash folder is its storage limit. If the size of deleted files crosses the size limit of Trash, then the files get bypassed from Trash and you can’t attempt to restore recently deleted files on Mac. Suppose you have emptied the Trash folder immediately after deleting files on Mac, even then file recovery after emptying Trash is difficult.

So does this mean recovering recently deleted Mac files is not possible?

One easy way for recovering recently deleted files on Mac is from the Time Machine Backup or data backup. But if the files are not backed up in Time Machine or on any external device, then does this mean that your files are lost forever? No, in reality the files you have deleted are often still present on hard drive until and unless the sectors where the files were stored gets overwritten. So, we recommend to stop using Mac system soon after deletion of files if you want to recover recently deleted files.

How to Restore Recently Deleted Files on Mac?

Hi5 File Recovery for Mac software is the right choice when it comes to recovering recently deleted files on Mac. The application will scan the entire drive and get back deleted files from it in just a short while. Even lost files, files erased after format can be recovered. The program helps to recover deleted files from MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, iMac. Hi5 Mac File Recovery software will retrieve files of various formats like text files, documents, photos, videos, compressed files, etc.

Steps to Retrieve Recently Deleted Mac Files:

  • Download Hi5 File Recovery Program for Mac on your system and install it
  • Run the tool. Select “Deleted File Recovery” option to restore recently deleted files from Mac.
  • Select the appropriate volume / drive from where the files are to be recovered and click on “Next”
  • After scanning gets completed, preview the recovered files and save them

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