Mac Trash File Recovery Utility

Mac is one of the top most Operating System in the market which provides more data security compared to Windows OS. Files on it are safe until it is deleted by humans. Files deleted mistakenly from the Volume get stored in Trash Folder of Mac OS X. This Trash folder is also called as deleted item folder which holds all deleted items of Mac system. When you realize that the deleted file is important one, you can perform Mac Trash file recovery by right clicking on that file. If this Trash folder is emptied then all the deleted files become invisible to OS, and there will be no option to retrieve files after emptying Trash.

Wondering how to restore files after emptying Trash? No worries! It is possible to recover files after emptying Trash only by using reliable file recovery tool for Mac users. When you type in how do I get files back after emptying Trash in Google, you may find too many solutions. Instead of focusing on trust worthy software, you may pick up any untrusted apps. Hence, choosing genuine software suggested by experts is very important. In this article a proficient tool called Hi5 File Recovery for Mac Program is introduced, which is advised by experts and has got positive reviews by users. This Software helps to recover files after emptying Trash faster and in safe way without overwriting on source file during process as the app works on read only mode. Further, the tool is free from harmful viruses like Trojan, malware, etc. Hence installation of this toolkit on your Mac system will not cause any damage to other data.

Features of Hi5 File Recovery Application for Mac

  • It includes advanced algorithms that allows tool to recover files on Mac after emptying Trash folder effectively without fail
  • This application recovers texts, documents, presentations, images, videos, songs, archives, and other files from Mac Trash Bin within matter of minutes
  • The software is provided with simple graphical user interface which helps user in recovering files from empty Trashwithout any difficulty and assistance of others. Many people preferred using Hi5 File Recovery for Mac because of its simplicity
  • By Emplyoing this application, user can recover data from Mac volume having HFS, HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems
  • Sometimes users can even get back specific files based on unique signature search option
  • Free version of tool is available using which you can know how to recover files after emptying Trash Bin and check performance of the software before purchasing
  • Preview can be done to view restored files and can save the data on user defined location after purchasing the genuine software
  • "Find" option of this app helps people to have an easy access to restored files
  • One more beneficial option which you can see in trial version is “save recovery session”. This option helps user to pause and restart the restoration process if it takes long time and you can save scanned information of the Mac system, so that in future if you are about to purchase the registered version then you can directly save it instead of rescanning the same volume

How files from Mac gets deleted or lost?

  • Emptying Trash Folder: Emptying of Trash folder is mainly done by humans to reduce the occupied space by erasing unwanted data. This deletion can even be scheduled. If you erase it without checking for the contents then files get deleted forever from the Mac system
  • Command + Shift + Delete Option: If you use command + Shift - Delete option on the files present on volume then that data will be erased without getting stored in Mac system or Trash folder anymore

Soon after emptying Trash folder, data on it become invisible to OS by removing pointer to an index but those files remain intact physically to HDD until it is not overwritten. Hence it is the right choice to use Hi5 File Recovery for Mac Utility to restore files emptied from Trash before adding any new data on it.

Other benefits of using Hi5 File Recovery for Mac Tool:

  • Along with Mac Trash file recovery, it can get back deleted, lost or missing files from Mac OS
  • This toolkit will recover documents from Mac OS based Machines such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini
  • Using this wizard user can effeciently recover documents from various external storage devices like external hard drive, iPod, memory card, etc. in couple of mouse clicks
  • Software can easily restore data that is erased from various hard drive interfaces like SATA, ATA, SCSI, etc.

To recover files from emptied Mac Trash, follow the step-by-step guide:

  • Download and launch Hi5 File Recovery Software for Mac
  • Then select "Deleted File Recovery" option as the files are removed from Trash bin which is nothing but the deletion even
  • Now select the appropriate drive from where you want to recover files on Mac machine
  • Click on "Next" option to start recovery process
  • Once the recovery process is completed, you can see recovered files using "Preview" option
  • Save the recovered files by clicking on "Save" button

Note: Save option will be available only for users who have activated licensed version of Hi5 File Recovery Software for Mac. Demo version users can install, recover and view recovered files but cannot save.

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