Recover deleted stickies on Mac

Use Hi5 Software to recover deleted sticky notes from all your Mac devices like MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini etc. Whether they are deleted accidentally or lost due to a result of using third party cleaning tools or due to any other reason, recover it easily.

Sticky notes are useful little things that work very similar to your post it notes. You can have multiple stickies saved on your desktop that can be used for quick reference. For instance, you can use it to store important passwords that you use regularly or you can even use it to store reminders, tasks etc.

These notes normally remain on the desktop until you close the note. However, in some cases, you may accidentally close the note without saving it. This will result in the note getting deleted. Or in other cases, some third party apps you are using on your Mac may delete the sticky notes without your consent. All these cases result in your stickies getting deleted.

However, if you have important data such as passwords in the deleted sticky note files, you may need to recover them. There are a couple of ways you can do this. Just follow along as we explain some manual as well as software methods.

Solution 1: Restore from Stickies Database

There is a possibility that the deleted sticky note still exists in the Sticky Database. So, your first option is to check that file.

  • Quit the Stickies application
  • Go to /Users/Username/Library/StickiesDatabase

Solution 2: Use Time Machine backup

If you have Time Machine set up as your backup, then Stickies database may be saved under the backup. In that case, you can easily recover deleted sticky notes using the following steps.

  • In the menu bar shortcut, go to Time Machine. If you don’t see it in the menu bar, click System Preferences > Enter Time Machine
  • Browse back in time to the point before you deleted the Sticky Note
  • The go locate the folder /Users/Username/Library/StickiesDatabase
  • Click Restore

Solution 3: Use Hi5 File Recovery Software

If you are not able to recover deleted sticky notes using the above methods, you can make use of data recovery tools like Hi5 Software. It is a wonderful tool to recover deleted files like Sticky note files, library files, music, movies and keynote files on your Mac. In addition to this, all documents like Word files, Excel files, PDF’s, PPT’s etc. can also be recovered.

The main advantage of the software is that it recovers the files as it is without making any modifications to the original. Secondly, the software can be used to recover deleted files from all Mac devices such as MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacMini and other storage devices such as USB flash devices, external hard drives and memory cards.

Procedure to recover Sticky Notes using Hi5 Software

Step 1. Start by downloading and installing Hi5 file recovery software on your Mac system

Step 2. Run the software and you will be greeted with 3 options, from which you should select Select Recover Files

Step 3. In the following screen, select Recover Deleted Files

Step 4. Then select the volume in which the sticky notes were deleted

Step 5. The software scans the drive you selected in the previous step and lists all the files it finds

Step 6. You get a free preview of files at this point

Step 7. Finally, select the files you wish to recover and save them to a desired destination.

Compatibility of Hi5 Software

Hi5 File recovery software is designed to be compatible with all versions of Mac OS including High Sierra, Sierra, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Lion etc.

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