Restore Deleted Files from HTC Explorer

Let’s imagine one situation where you have accidentally deleted some files from your new brand HTC Explorer Smartphone. This phase might be very painful to you as this might end up losing some crucial files. Is it that you have permanently lost files from smartphone? Is it possible to restore removed files HTC Explorer?

Definitely the answer is yes it is possible to retrieve deleted files HTC Explorer. Usually people think that once data is deleted it means files are lost forever. But the fact is that erased files can be recovered using Android File Recovery tool. It is possible because when you deleted any file it means only pointer to that file is deleted making it hidden and indicating free space to save new files.

One such awesome and most popular utility is Hi5 Software for Android Recovery Tool which can easily help you in recovering deleted files HTC Explorer. This tool is developed by the Skilled using advanced technology which works on read only mode mechanism. Hence actual content of file is not altered. It supports Android versions such as Jelly Bean, Ice-Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread and Froyo. It also retrieve deleted files HTC Explorer within few fraction of minutes.

Features of Hi5 Software for Android Recovery:

  • Helps in restoring data from HTC Explorer without any difficulties
  • Ability to recover photos, RAW images and video along with audio files
  • Capability to retrieve .apk files without any  pains
  • Efficiently scans both internal and external memory space
  • Creates replica of SD card so that recovery can be done in future during data loss situations
  • Preview option is provided to view recovered file
  • Demo version is also available so that user can check software performance before buy Paid version

Scenarios that can cause deletion of files from HTC Explorer:

  • Human Errors: When you accidentally delete or format SD card of HTC Explorer Smartphones which leads to deletion of important files from phone. Such types of scenarios are due to human negligence.
  • External Threats: Severe harmful virus infection on SD card may also cause file deletion without user notification.
  • Unsecure Apps: When you download unsecure third party application to your Android phones and on installing may lead to deletion of files from HTC Explorer Smartphones.
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons which cause audio file deletion are improper handling if Smartphone, FAT or BOOT area damage, etc.

Steps to follow while using Hi5 Software for Android Recovery:

  • Download trial version of Hi5 Software for Android Recovery
  • Connect your Android phone to the system and launch the software
  • Main screen will display “DELETE FILE RECOVERY” and “LOST FILE RECOVERY” option. Choose delete file recovery option
  • Quick scanning and recovering process will take place
  • Recovered files will be displayed on the screen
  • Buy licensed edition to save recovered files

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