Retrieve Lost Pictures from Android

“Over the weekend, we captured some images using my Android phone. Soon later, I handed the phone to a friend to take more images. After some time, I told her to erase few of the pictures that I thought turned out bad. But since she did not know the proper way to operate my phone, she ended up doing something, which caused loss of the entire image folder. I really want those pics back. Please!! Anyone give me a good suggestion”

There were days in the past where a person would carry a heavy camera whenever they go for an outing. These cameras were heavy and there was lot of time consumed to develop those images into paper sheets. But now, with time things are changed. Now you can find digital cameras with compact size that gives amazing pictures. Moreover, the pictures that you click using such cameras can be viewed instantly. Now this facility is more easily available on your Android phones itself. The Android phones that you see today, embeds a camera with different pixels. The clarity of images increases with camera pixel size.

The pictures that you click using the Android devices generally are saved either on the SD card or the internal memory space. The photos that you save on your Android can go missing without any proper reasons. Generally, people start panicking, if the lost images are their valuable ones. Don’t panic!! This article gives a brief idea about the way to handle these situations. So keep reading to know more about file recovery and the effects causing data loss.

Since phones are used on a daily basis, one might experience more number of scenarios where you tend to lose data from Android. The most frequent event is a virus infection. When you download a file from a harmful site, there can be chances for even virus to get entry into your Android device. Such malicious programs can infect your images and cause its loss.

One might also lose data when he restores his Android device to its factory settings. When you use a factory reset option, the operating system restores the phone to default settings as it was when shipped from the factory. This process also involves deletion of images that was saved by users on the phone memory. Hence, before using this option, you must take back up of all the necessary data.

Apart from the above mentioned situations, there are many other events which will lead to the loss of photos from Android device. A few among them are unintentional formatting, low battery notifications while capturing photos, improper ejection, memory card corruption etc.

Well, you must be here since you would have lost your valuable pictures from your Android device. You are actually lucky since today there are many number of tools which are readily available for you that can help you in finding lost photos on Android. On this page we are going to discuss about a exclusive and robust application called Hi5 Software for Android™ Recovery.

Hi5 Software for Android™ Recovery is really a unique app having a complete set of enriched features. By using the options given on this software, one can perform the photo recovery with ease. This software can be used to restore files from Samsung galaxy phones pictures with different file extensions such as PSD, PNG, JPEG, GIF and more. Besides, this software can be employed on Android versions such as Android Jellybean, Android Ginger Bread, Android Honeycomb, Froyo, Android Ice Cream Sandwich etc.

Supported Platforms:

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008

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