Recovering Data from Samsung Tablet

“Hello I need help in recovering data from Samsung Tablet. I have accidentally formatted my Samsung tablet storage card and lost all important data. It contained important pictures and videos of my sister’s engagement party. These files are very important to me and it means a lot to my life. So anyone can recover data from Samsung tablet? Is there any tool so that I can restore data from Samsung tablet without any professional help?”

As all know, Samsung is the most popular brands for Android Tablets and Smartphones. There are many models in Samsung Tablet that you can choose according to your requirements. Unique features of Samsung Tablets are touch-screen LCD display, User can access eBooks, games, etc. from internet with high speed and can capture auto focused HD quality pictures and videos, can perform 3G calling and many more. However it is unavoidable that data stored can be lost or deleted due to certain various factors.

Well here comes the good news that now lost or deleted data from Samsung Tablet can be recovered using some reliable data recovery tool. Many Tablet users live in misconception that once the data is lost they can’t get it back. This is not the fact when data is deleted or lost; these files are still present in memory space but are hidden indicating free space. These data can be recovered unless and until you overwritten that memory space with new data. So don’t lose hope and utilize android data recovery tool.

Hi5 Software for Android Recovery is the smartest and safest way to retrieve data from Samsung Tablet. This tool is designed with the help of experienced engineers using latest technology. Its GUI is user friendly and installation is free from virus and spyware. This tool helps users in restoring data from Samsung Tablets of all models. It also supports recovery of data from all brands of tablets.

What are the causes of data loss in Samsung Tablets?

  • When you accidentally delete or format your tablet memory space may lead to data loss situations
  • Due to resetting your phone settings may also cause data loss situations
  • Virus infection on memory card of your phone is one of the main causes that will result data loss scenarios
  • Data loss situations are also caused due to installing of third party application resulting into deletion of important files or causing inaccessible memory card
  • Abruptly pulling of phone when connected to computer system also leads to data deletion

Prominent features of Hi5 Software for Android Recovery

  • Capability of recovers deleted or formatted data from Android Tablets and Smartphones
  • It supports recovery of all file types of photos, videos, RAW pictures and audio without any difficulties
  • Ability to recover android application package file(.apk) effortlessly
  • Scans both internal and external memory space
  • Creates replica of memory card so that it can be used to perform data recovery in later stage
  • Compatible with all latest android tablets and versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 8.1

Steps to be followed while using Hi5 Software for Android Recovery:

  • Download Demo version of this software
  • Connect your Samsung Tablet to system and launch the software
  • Select appropriate option from displayed main screen “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” option
  • Select particular drive and quick scanning will take place
  • Recovered data are displayed and can be viewed by “Data View” and “File Type View” option
  • To save recovered data you have to buy licensed version

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