Restore DCIM Folder from SD Card

If you have a dedicated DSLR camera with SD card, and have paid even a little attention towards the storage of pictures or videos recorded on that camera, you may have noticed that the files are kept in a special folder called DCIM - Digital Camera Images.

What if you have deleted DCIM folder accidentally or it has been lost due to some reasons just like as below mentioned instance…?

“In order to transfer some family pictures to my computer, I inserted my SD card with the help of multi-card Reader. Since my system’s drive had no enough space, I just planed to firstly delete any large folder for freeing drive space. But, instead of removing folder from my computer, I mistakenly deleted my DCIM folder inside SD card. Now, all DCIM folder files present on my SD card are gone. Is it possible to recover DCIM folder from SD card?”

Well, apart from accidental deletion, there are several other reasons due to which DCIM folder from SD card may get deleted or lost. Some of them are…

  • The main threat for the loss of DCIM folder is virus attack on the SD card. In smart phones or digital cameras SD Cards will be easily infected by virus usually when it is connected to a virus infected computer or by to accepting a virus infected data from other devices
  • Abrupt removal of SD card from camera or mobile phones while DCIM folder is being processed, results in loss of DCIM folder
  • DCIM folder can be lost due to accidental formatting of SD card

Don't worry! Your DCIM folder files are not lost!

Yes, you heard it right! Your DCIM folder will not be actually lost from SD card. Clearly speaking, it will be there on SD card; only the space occupied by that deleted folder is marked as free space for addition of new folders or files. As long as the place is not replaced by any new file or folder on the same card, you can easily trace and restore DCIM folder from SD card. So, what you need is only to select a proper and a reliable tool that will quickly recover DCIM folder from SD card.

Use an advanced data recovery program – Hi5 Photo Recovery

It is not actually a difficult part for people to select a SD card data recovery program. But, the tricky part is to choose a proper and powerful one among lots of tools. So it is better to go with an advanced data recovery application called Hi5 Photo Recovery, which not only features for its simplicity and multiple advanced features and also becomes popular for its efficiency in recovering DCIM folder on SD card. This software will be a good and right choice for you to recover DCIM folder from SD card.

Only four simple steps to recover DCIM folder from SD Card!

Even though your DCIM folder on SD card has been deleted, the files from that folder are still recoverable with the aid of Hi5 Photo Recovery Program. This toolkit is really very easy to understand and utilize to recover deleted files from DCIM folder on SD card.

Step 1: Take out your SD card from camera so and connect the same to Windows computer running with Windows 10/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP/ Windows Server 2003/ 2008/ 2012 operating systems.

Step 2: Download and install Hi5 Photo Recovery Application to the system connected with SD card. Run the tool and head to the main window. Hook up with your required recovery mode i.e. by selecting either “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” depending on the situation.

Step 3: Select the disk letter of your SD card and click on “Next” to begin with DCIM folder recovery from SD card.

Step 4: Scanning gets started and after some time all the deleted and lost folders and files of SD card will be displayed on the screen including DCIM folder. Preview and save the recovered DCIM folder on a different card or drives to avoid further troubles.

Main features of Hi5 Photo Recovery Utility

  • The application is very fast that it will retrieve DCIM folder from SD card within few minutes
  • This utility can easily recover media files like audios, videos, pictures, raw digital images of various formats from various digital storage devices with extreme ease
  • The tool recover DCIM folder from SD card and can sort the recovered data on the basis date, size and file name
  • Allow user to preview the recovered files from SD card prior to restoration of the same
  • Suitable tool to restore media files from flash drives like pen drives and memory cards including SDHC, SDXC, xD, MMC etc.

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