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Memory Cards have become popular in this era due to expansion in usage of electronic devices like Digital Camera’s, Smartphone’s, etc. Knowing its popularity, business people gave existence to various types of memory cards. XD card is one among them. XD Card varies with storage capacity and size. Though it’s tiny in size, it has ability to hold enormous amount of images and other files. Data in card remains until it is disturbed while performing any action on it. There are many situations to cause photo loss from XD card. At such moment you may feel unhappy for losing your valuable photos that were reminding your past events.

Some users might even lose hopes of retrieving deleted photos from XD Card due to unawareness about the solution. Stop your worries now, as every problem has got a solution if you are willing to search for it, then XD Card deleted photo recovery is done effectively by making use of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery app. This app is integrated with advanced algorithms that will help you restore deleted photos from XD Card make and also from other various types of memory cards like MMC, CF, SD, SDHC, etc. in an easy manner.

Most experienced data loss situations from XD card:

  • XD Card Corruption: Most of the users have habit of detaching the XD card from the system or device abruptly after its usage, or they may even eject it during the transfer process which results in corruption of XD card causing inaccessibility of photos and other media files on it.
  • Accidental Deletion: Assume that mobile device having XD card may contain huge number of pictures. In order to reduce the occupied space user might be differentiating clear and unclear images to delete unwanted ones among them. While doing so he may come across “Delete All” option and perform that action unknowingly.
  • Format Error: Sometimes due to improper usage of the card like abrupt closure, download of too many untrusted apps on it, abrupt removal of card, etc. user might see “format error” instead of valuable pictures on it. This format error might force user to format the XD card at least to occupy the space.
  • Shift Delete Operation: User might connect XD card to system to view all the images in large size compared to mobile device. While viewing images, he might come across some poor clarity photos. They might wish to eradicate those photos from the card but mistakenly select precious images too and perform shift delete operation on it.

What’s the major problem that user might create after losing photos from the memory card?

Losing photos through above mentioned problems is not a major issue, as it is easy process for retrieving deleted photos from XD Card without any further loss of photos. But after loss situation, addition of new files on the card having belief that file lost will not be recovered will erase the deleted file location by overwriting. This situation may make user deleted files unrecoverable even after spending bugs for third party software.

Unique about Hi5 Software Photo Recovery:

  • Hi5 Software Photo Recovery application is capable of recovering deleted photos from XD Card of all formats such as IMG, PNG, GIF, etc. from the XD card in no time. You can even recover RAW images of specific file format like .nef, .raw, .arw, etc. In addition to recover deleted photos from XD Card, software can retrieve other multimedia files from the card such as video, audio, other text data, etc.
  • User can restore images on the XD card by following simple steps specified in this software on connecting card to various Windows versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc.
  • This memory card data recovery software is flexible enough to recover photos lost from various camera models such as canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus and many more
  • Simple graphical user interface involved in tool design helps even inexpert in recovering pic’s without any difficulty
  • Preview of restored images can be done using demo version. If you feel helpful by using tool then you can purchase licensed version and save all images to location that you prefer

Here's how to use xD picture card recovery software:

  • Connect your xD card to the system where you're planning to download and install Hi5 Photo Recovery Software
  • Run the software
  • From the main screen, select either of two options "Deleted Photo Recovery" or "Lost Photo Recovery" based on the situation you're facing
  • Now the software will ask you to select the drive, choose xD picture card which you've connected externally
  • Choose the drive and click on "Next" to start photo recovery process
  • After finishing, you can take the help of "Preview" option to view retrieved images and click on "Save" button to save them on any drives
  • On a serious note, Save option will not work when you use demo verion. If you really want to save the results (photos), then get the licensed version activated

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