Recovering Hidden Files on USB

These days USB drives are most ordinarily utilized gadgets for putting away imperative records. It assumes a critical part in exchanging files from one stockpiling spot to other. USB drive is straightforward, simple to utilize and versatile gadget. One of the principle issue confronted while transferring files is the infection. Some dangerous viruses deletes the file completely from the drive without giving any notification. To get rid of such situation on USB drive, most of them go for antivirus application. Chances are more where viruses make the file hidden on the USB drive. If this happens then obvious question on everyone's mind will be 'how to restore hidden files on usb'. Do you know which application must be utilized for recovering hidden files on USB drive? If you know the solution, then it is good that you can easily view hidden files on USB, but this page will help those users who are not aware of hidden file recovery on usb. Refer this page to know how easily you can view hidden files on usb drive.

How you can make hidden files on USB drive visible using CMD?

  • Connect USB drive to your system
  • Now open Run menu (Press WINDOWS+R shortcut), type CMD and then hit on “enter”
  • In command prompt, type the following command : attrib -h -r -s /s /d F:\*.* and press Enter. (Important note: Replace the letter ‘F’ with your USB drive letter. And also make sure that you put space between each element in code

Now go to your USB drive and check out for your files. You can see all the hidden files on USB drive. In case, if the following simple method doesn’t work out when your USB drive is attacked by harmful viruses.

For better understanding on how to restore hidden files on usb drive, let us consider an example like: just assume that your friend wants to transfer some important files from USB to your computer. But USB drive wasn't showing up the files present in it. It shows that it had very less memory consumed in it but all it contained were shortcuts. Antivirus application noticed some viruses from that USB. When you scanned and cleaned the USB drive by using some other antivirus tools. Then also USB drive failed to show the files, However it displays a hidden folder with no name. Folder was not having nay name but it was showing zero size. This hidden folder is created by viruses and transferred all the USB data in that folder. It has completely cleaned your USB drive and start using hidden file recovery in usb tool for efficient recovery of hidden files from USB flash drive.

One useful tool that can be applied to recover hidden files from USB drive is Hi5 File Recovering Program. This application works on advanced scanning algorithm that scans the entire USB drive and makes it possible to view all hidden files from USB drive. It is equipped with read only methodology, hence it does not make any changes to your original files while recovering hidden files from USB drive.

Circumstances that prompts to loss of hidden files on USB drive:

  • Sometimes you hide many important files on one folder but unfortunately you make a mistake of deleting that folder
  • If your USB drive is infected from deadly viruses then it hides all your data on the drive and then creates a shortcut icon
  • Abrupt system termination when USB drive is connected to your PC causes loss of hidden files from USB drive

If you are the one who come across any similar type of issue with your USB drive as mentioned above then there is no need to be dispersed.

Important features of Hi5 File Recovery Tool

  • Hi5 File Recovery Software is a multitasking software that recovers different file types such as MS Office documents, ZIP/RAR archives, audio files, video files, photo files, etc that are hidden on USB drive
  • Helps in retrieving files and folders even from formatted or not detectable USB flash drive
  • You can also recover partition data using this application by following few simple steps
  • Also restores hidden files from virus infected memory cards (SD, XD, CF, SDHC, SDSC, MMC, etc), hard drives, portable hard drives and other devices
  • Executes simple step by step procedure for complete hidden file recovery on USB drive

Steps for recovering hidden files from usb:

  • Download and install Hi5 Software Partition Recovery on any of the Windows PC
  • Connect your USB drive to the software downloaded computer
  • "Partition Recovery" option and "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option will be seen in the main screen
  • Go with "Partition Recovery" option, and choose USB drive and click on "Next" option
  • Recovered files can be seen using "Preview" option and can be stored by clicking on "Save" option
  • Save option will be enabled only for licensed user

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