Retrieve Files on Transcend Pen Drive

Pen drives are essential for every professional to backup essential data or to store files and carry along. Among many available, Transcend Pen drive has got excellent features, wide storage capacity, and most trusted manufacturer, etc. Transcend Pen drive can hold data safely until it won’t come across any problems but one or the other day you may come across a glitches where data deletion or loss from this device occurs due to wrong operation or due to pen drive damage.

In case, if you come across data loss situation from the Transcend pen drive then what ways will you try to perform recovery? Do you know the exact method on how to recover files from Transcend pen drive? If not, then do not feel bothersome as it is possible to perform Transcend pen drive data recovery using high rated recovery tool but it should be reliable or else you cannot perform recovery of files from Transcend pen drive as some apps can damaged your pen drive permanently. Hence be alert while choosing the tool for recovery purpose. Hi5 Software File Recovery is in such instances as the software is reliable, 100% free from virus, expert suggested tool and specifically designed to retrieve files on Trasncend pen drive.

Why use Hi5 Software File Recovery?

This application is designed by our well skilled expertise using advanced file recovery algorithms mainly to recover data from Transcend pen drive quickly. It includes robust scanning engine using which it scans the device to restore all type of data such as word files, ZIP, RAR, image, videos, documents, etc. in short period. As the tool has been applied by many people and got positive results and declared as top rated one in the present market to give solution for the query “how to recover files from transcend pen drive”. Hence you can trust and Hi5 Software which holds the ability to restore all file types and other media files from that pen drive without any confusion.

Circumstances under which files get deleted from Transcend pen drive:

  • Interruption of Transfer Process: When you are transferring files from the Transcend pen drive to the system, if any interruption occurs like unexpected removal of connected device or system shut down due to power outage then you may lose data that is being transferred.
  • Virus Attack: If you connect your Transcend pen drive to virus infected system then there are chances where during transfer of files these viruses may enter the device, replicate and corrupt all file structure. These corrupted files get deleted from the Transcend when you apply antivirus program to it.
  • Unintentional Formatting: Assume a situation that you have connected Transcend pen drive to perform transfer process, at the same time you may find that the data to be transferred from the drive of Windows system is inaccessible you try many ways to make it accessible but it will be of no use hence you decide to format it. But instead of formatting that drive you may mistakenly format the connected Transcend pen drive and lose all data.

Whatever may be the reason for deletion or loss of files from Transcend pen drive, you need not to panic for losing vital data as it is very simple for restoring files from Transcend pen drive easily and quickly with the help of Hi5 Software File Recovery.

Features of Hi5 Software File Recovery:

Hi5 Software File Recovery is compatible enough to retrieve Transcend pen drive files on connecting it to any version of Windows with great ease. It is capable enough to restore files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT partition within couple of mouse clicks. By employing this wizard one can retrieve deleted files from Windows 7 Recycle Bin and also from other versions of OS within very less time. Using this utility, you can restore data from formatted micro SD card, CF, XD, MMC card, etc. within matter of minutes. This toolkit can carry out recovery process without altering original file during recovery process. You can make use of demo version of the wizard to know in detail on how to recover data from Transcend pen drive. After recovery you can preview the recovered files using "Preview" option and check efficiency of the utility.

Steps to retrieve data from Transcend pen drive:

Recover data from transcend pen driveInitial setup: Download and install free version of Hi5 File Recovery Tool on Windows computer and attach Transcend pen drive from where the data has to be recovered to that system.

  • Run the software and select the appropriate recovery mode among “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” based on the situation
  • Choose the Transcend pen drive partition from the list of available drives and click on “Next”
  • Choose the file types you want to restore back and click on “Next”
  • Wait for some time; you can then see all the recovered files displayed on the screen
  • Finally, you can preview restored data and then purchase the product activation key to save the results on any desired folder

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