Restore Data from Delkin SD Card

SD cards have become quite popular in recent times, especially for usage in Smartphone, digital camera, camcorder, and so on. You have stored many photos, music files, videos files, along with other basic files on your Delkin Devices SD card. But do you think that files present in the card are safe? There are times when files from SD card might get deleted or lost.

How does this happen? Well, don’t assume that files saved on SD cards are safe. If the memory card is formatted or corrupted, then you lose access to all files present in it. Not just this, there are other reasons too for losing files from your Delkin SD card:

  • Deleting photos or videos accidentally while previewing them on the camera
  • Ejecting Delkin SD card from the system when files are in transfer
  • Delkin SD card corruption
  • Formatting the card accidentally
  • Under all such data loss situations, chances of recovering the files from Delkin SD card is good, as long as you haven’t clicked any photos or written anything to the card. As far as recovery is concerned, you would of course want to restore all the files in less time in an easy way. Yes, this is possible with Hi5 Photo Recovery software.

    Recover Files from Delkin Devices SD Card:

    Restore deleted or lost files from Delkin SD card easily using Hi5 Photo Recovery tool. The application scans the entire card and recovers files missing or deleted from it in a short time. Various media files like music files, videos files, and images will be recovered from Delkin SD card. You can retrieve almost all file types by customizing your scanning process; this is possible by adding or removing the file signature of the files.

    Hi5 Photo Recovery tool helps to recover files from Kingston memory card, Lexar card, SanDisk, Sony, and many other memory card brands. Data recovery from various types of SD cards like microSD card, SDHC card, miniSD card, SDIO, SDXC, etc., are supported by this utility. It also helps to recover media files from other storage mediums like hard drives, external USB drives, FireWire drives, and so on.

    Guide to Restore Data from Delkin SD Card:

    • Download and install Hi5 Photo Recovery software on your PC / laptop
    • Run the software and connect Delkin SD card to the system
    • Select Deleted Photo Recovery or Lost Photo Recovery option based on the data loss situation
    • Now select the SD card from the list of drives and click on Next to initiate scanning process
    • After recovery is completed, preview the recovered files and save them on a desired location

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