Retreive Lost Music Files on Computer

In these days, most of the people prefer computers to download number of files especially the music file. As soon as the music files are downloaded successfully, it will be uploaded automatically and get stored to your media player. Losing music files from computer will make you feel so much of depressed because you have to spend a time to search and download them again through internet or else sometimes the music file which you got from your friend can’t be found anywhere. Also many music files you need to download also costs you much somtimes.

If you come up with an issue of losing music files from PC, then if it is necessary to restore lost music files on computer as soon as possible then you can easily find missing music files even though you do not know how to recover lost music on computer. Recovering lost music from system allows you to get back the past enjoyment of your favorite tunes. For better chance of restoring lost music from PC, you have to stop using your computer immediately. Never put up any new files on your hard drive to avoid overwriting. Other important thing is that never let your machine to have chances to meet any sort of physical damage.

How to backup lost music from PC?

Whenever you lose any file that might be a music file, first check with your Recycle Bin folder. If you find the music files you're looking for, then you can restore them. Or else if you have maintained regular backup of music files then you can find those lost music file and restore them. If not, then don't scratch your head thinking how do i find lost music on my computer. Solution is simple, just opt a reliable music file recovery software to restore lost music files on computer.

Which tool to use?

Hi5 Software Photo Recovery is one of the powerful and good reputation application that can be applied to retreive lost music on computer. This utility offers a lot of valuable features that easily help you know the steps on how to recover lost music on computer within short period of time. Hi5 Program has an ability to get back your precious music files after recovery from formatted/reformatted PC hard drive.

What causes loss of music files from system?

  • Accidental removal of entire song collection or a music file
  • Sudden shutdown of the system due to power surge while copying music/audio tracks
  • Intrusion of deadly viruses on the music folder
  • Formatting system hard drive unintentionally that contained many music files
  • Usage of unauthenticated applications for lost music file recovery
  • Connecting virus infected external hard disk to the computer

Working of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Program:

  • Hi5 Software is brilliantly constructed with recovery experts to carry out hassle free back up of lost music files
  • It works on read only methodology so that it doesn’t damage your original file
  • Hi5 Program is 100% free from deadly malwares
  • Creates a disk images to bypass bad sectors and then you can back up music files from these disk images
  • Recovers normal pictures, RAW images, videos and other files that are missing or deleted from computer hard drive

Features of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Tool:

  • Helps to back up all types of media files from system hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, iPods within few simple clicks
  • Music files like WAV, AIFF, MP3, etc. can be recovered on desktops and laptops running with major Windows and Mac Operating Systems
  • Hi5 Software supports to back up music files on all memory flash card types including xD Picture Card, CF (Compact Flash) Card, Memory Stick, SD (Secure Digital) Card, MMC (MultiMediaCard), SmartMedia Card, MiniSD, MicroSD, SDHC, etc.
  • Recovers lost music files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT partitions / drives
  • With the help of Hi5 Photo Recovery App you can also recover files/photos/music/movies that is lost or deleted by any reasons
  • Find option helps in locating a particular music file on the basis of date, creation date, extension, size and file name

To recover lost music files on PC, follow this guide:

  • Launch Hi5 Software Photo Recovery
  • Choose "Lost Photo Recovery" option from the first screen
  • Then select the drive, and click on "Next" option
  • Recovered music files can be seen using "Preview" option and save using "Save" option

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