How to Open RAR File on Windows

“Yesterday night during the extraction process of RAR files, some inconvinience happened. Later, I noticed that I am unable to open RAR file on my Windows system. I tried many times, but Windows couldn't open RAR file. I suspect that my RAR file has been corrupted due to that inconvinience. Is there any way to repair Windows can't open RAR file problem? Please suggest me some good tool, which I can utlize to repair RAR file and learn how to open RAR file on Windows.”

You can easily fix unable to open RAR file on Windows by using Hi5 RAR File Repair Software. Most computer user feels that once RAR file is corrupted then it cannot be repaired. But the fact is such files can be repaired easily by using the most prominent tool called Hi5 RAR File Repair Application.

This Hi5 RAR File Repair Tool repair Windows can't open RAR file easily and efficiently. It has robust and powerful algorithm which will solve Windows cannot access RAR file issue swiftly and effortlessly. Its interface is very simple and gives step by step guidance, thus all kinds of users can use it with ease. It has the ability to resolve unable to open RAR file on Windows for all latest versions of Windows operating system. It supports repairing of RAR files created by various versions of WinRAR applications. Some of its interesting features are:

  • Capability to repair corrupt or broken RAR files
  • Ability to repair large RAR files of 4GB or more
  • Capability to fix RAR files having CRC errors
  • Supports repairing password protected RAR file
  • Will fix corrupt RAR files stored in any accessible storage drives

General Scenarios that leads to RAR corruption

  • Damage caused to header file of RAR can lead to corrupt RAR files which cannot be opened on Windows OS. Header file contains vital code for opening of RAR files
  • Due to harmful virus, malware or spyware, RAR files may get corrupted and refuses to open on Windows system
  • RAR file may also get corrupt or inaccessible due to improper downloading method
  • Introduction of CRC error while transmitting RAR file over networks can make it inaccessible causing file corruption

Procedure to be followed to solve Windows cannot open RAR file

  • Download and launch Hi5 RAR File Repair Tool
  • Select corrupt RAR file and click “REPAIR” option
  • Quick repairing process will occur
  • Repaired files can be viewed using “Preview” option
  • Buy licensed version to save repaired RAR file

Precautions to be taken

  • Backup should be maintained regularly of all important files
  • Install reliable antivirus and update it regularly
  • Always use secure tool for compression and extraction of RAR files
  • Avoid interruption while downloading RAR files from internet

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