Repairing File on Sony DVCAM Camcorder


“I’m wondering if anybody has any advice- I use a Sony DVCAM camcorder to record my work, mainly skipping, jump rope, and heavy bag work. But, something odd is happening! When I play the file in VLC, it will always start playback and after sometime go back to the bit from before it started playing. Is there any tool that helps to repair Sony DVCAM camcorder file?

Thanks in advance for any help”

The video file which you had recorded has been a problematic one because of the corruption issues. The cause for corruption of a video file might be one of the following:

  • Recording the video file when the camcorder memory is full and when battery is low
  • Sony DV Cam camcorder error while recording video
  • Interruption while moving video file from camcorder to some other device
  • Video header file’s corruption due to unknown errors
  • Due to CRC errors
  • Virus infection on camcorder
  • Changing the file format from one format to another

You may wonder does a solution exist for all these problems. Yes, of course it does! Hi5 MOV Video Repair Tool, the most appreciated software by the industrial experts which will easily repair Sony DVCAM camcorder file damaged due to any unknown reasons. Now, let us learn some notable attributes of Hi5 MOV Video Repair Software.

Features of Hi5 MOV Video Repair Application

Well, the Sony DVCAM camcorder supports MP4 and MOV video file formats. So keeping this in mind, the program has been designed which will help in fixing sony dvcam file of the formats MP4 as well MOV. Apart from Sony DVCAM camcorder file repair, the app will fix the video files which are unplayable on any Windows supported media players. Further, it will also repair MP4 video file which is unplayable on Windows 7, 10, 8, Vista, etc. along with MOV file.

Additional Features of Hi5 MOV Video Repair Tool

  • Simple Graphical User Interface
  • It will repair video files stored on internal and external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, iPods, etc
  • Doesn’t modify the original video quality of the corrupted video file while fixing it
  • Perfectly synchronizes the video file
  • Also helps to rebuild severely damaged as well as large sized video files
  • Allows previewing of the repaired video file before saving
  • Free demo version lets you to check the repair level

Complete Guide on How to Fix Sony DVCAM Camcorder Video:

  • Connect Sony DVCAM camcorder to the system
  • Download and install Hi5 MOV Video Repair Application on your system. Launch the application and follow the steps on screen. Browse and open your video file and then hit on "Repair" option to begin the repair procedure
  • Watch the repair process appearing at the progress bar
  • The program will begin examining the damaged file and complete the process in few minutes; you will get the next window displaying an option to preview the repaired file
  • Lastly, save your fixed video file using "Save repaired file" option. This option is enabled only after purchasing the complete version of the software

Useful Tips

  • Don’t use camcorder when its battery is low
  • Do not record any videos when the camcorder’s memory is full
  • Protect your device from virus attacks by installing good antivirus software

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