Tool to Repair RAR File Header

“Hello I have problem with compressed WinRAR file. When I am trying to extract it, I receive the error – “WinRAR error the file header is corrupt”. Actually the file was sent to me by email. Due to some network restrictions, the sender while sending has changed the file extension of RAR to pdf, which was again changed back to RAR by me after downloading it. I need to know if the WinRAR file header can be repaired!!!”

Well, a RAR file damaged header is quite annoying! Considering the above instance, we can say that the WinRAR file header got corrupted may be due to round tripping process. However there are many other reasons due to which RAR file header gets damaged, some of them are:

  • There are possibilities that a RAR header gets damaged if there is any disruption while downloading. In case you are downloading a large size RAR file online and you encounter a problem in transferring these RAR files or your files are partially downloaded from internet then RAR file header may get corrupt
  • Virus attack is the most common reason that causes RAR file header corruption. Sometimes, even the usage of a third party tool will raise the risks of virus attack that will damage your RAR file header
  • If you make use of any unreliable third party application for editing your RAR file and lack of knowledge on how to edit RAR file might result in RAR file header corruption
  • WinRAR application crash while extracting the files, presence of bad sectors where RAR file has been stores, etc. also cause header damage in WinRAR file

It doesn’t mean that the archive can’t be repaired and extracted anymore. But depending on the circumstances, you will be able to fix RAR file header easily. When you encounter with an error regarding WinRAR header corruption, you have a couple of options to proceed.

Re-download the RAR file: Yes! You can download WinRAR file once again but only if the RAR file got corrupt due to any interruptions while downloading.

Try to extract corrupt RAR file: You can repair WinRAR file header and get back your valuable files preserved in RAR file by following below steps:

  • Right click on corrupted RAR file and select “Extract to specified folder” option
  • On left bottom corner mark on “Keep broken files in the miscellaneous” option
  • And click on “Extract” option

But, sometimes it is not sure that you will be able to extract each and every file after fixing RAR file header using the above method. Under such circumstances, you will be forces to lose some of your vital documents. If this is the case, then don’t worry!!! With the assistance of good tool to repair RAR file header you can easily solve the issue.

Software for repairing WinRAR damaged header

Hi5 RAR File Repair Software is an excellent tool that can securely repair WinRAR file header. It just locates the corrupt RAR archive, scans the file for errors and fixes each of them to render a healthy RAR archive. In the entire process your original file will not be damaged or edited. The tool just extracts the contents from the source file and saves it in a new RAR archive. Thus, it is often referred as the read only method for fixing a damaged RAR. Some of the useful attributes of this utility are:

  • Effectively repairs the RAR file even when it is highly encrypted and password-protected
  • Securely fixes the corrupt RAR header and helps you to recover all the files contained in that archive
  • It is safe and secure tool, that is free-from all sorts of viruses or any other threats
  • Designed with highly-intuitive and user-friendly GUI, to facilitate even the unskilled users to use this program comfortably
  • Repair RAR file created on all popular versions of WinRAR like WinRAR 2.00, 2.90, 3.50, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90 and 4.00

Go through the steps given below to repair header corruption issue in RAR file:

  • Download Hi5 RAR File Repair Toolkit on your Windows system and install it
  • Once you run the application, you will view the main screen and hit the “Browse” tab to select the location of the corrupt RAR file
  • Start the process by clicking on “Repair” button
  • Preview and save the repaired RAR file (Save option will be available only in licensed version)

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