QuickTime MOV File Repair


MOV is a video file format used for saving media files created on Apple’s QuickTime media player. This multimedia container will have one or more tracks for storing particular type of data like text, audio, video, images, graphics etc. which is often used in animations, 3D, audio/video recordings and so on.

Advantages of MOV file

  • Transfer rate is high and supports multiple media players
  • Synchronize different types of media track
  • Comprises one or more tracks in single file

Causes for MOV video file corruption:

Apart from its benefits, sometimes MOV files are also prone to corruption due to many unforeseen scenarios like external threats, software errors, force/abrupt system shut down and so on. Some of the frequent reasons responsible for MOV file corruption are listed below:

  • Storage Media Corruption: The disk where Quicktime MOV files are stored is responsible for keeping your files protected from any kind of issues. When this drive is subjected to corruption due to bad sectors, aging factor, more number of read/write operations etc. then video file present in it also gets corrupted.
  • Corrupt Video Frames: Every video contains number of small images known as frames. When these frames fail to synchronize each other or gets damaged then it will directly affect MOV file and results in corruption.
  • Audio Lag: Every QuickTime MOV file comprises both audio and video tracks. When audio of that Movie file is not synchronized properly like, if there is lag in audio video sync then it is clear indication of corruption.

How to Repair QuickTime MOV File?

When you encounter any such instances, just check whether you can repair Quicktime MOV file manually or you have backup of it. If you fail in both situations, then use Hi5 Software MOV File Repair application and fix corrupt QuickTime MOV video in secure way. This software has built in scanning algorithms which will scan entire MOV file in few minutes for locating and fixing errors. It has self explanatory GUI which provides step by step instructions about repairing process. Here are few features supported by Hi5 Software MOV File Repair App:

  • Repairs MOV files played on unsupported media player: If you are unable to play MOV file due to corruption that occurred after trying to play it on unsupported media player then make use of this software. It will segregate both audio and video tracks, repairs and again synchronize them to play on media players.
  • Repairs Movie file corrupted due to untrusted converter: Hi5 Software MOV File Repair app will scan entire Movie file damaged due to unreliable video converter, thereby identifies and fixes errors. The repaired files can be played smoothly on QuickTime or on any other supported video players.
  • Repairs MOV video file corrupted during transferring process: Movie files corrupted due to abrupt removal of external storage device, force system shut down etc. during file sharing process will also be fixed effortlessly by Hi5 Software MOV File Repair utility.

Guidelines to fix a MOV file on QuickTime using Hi5 Software MOV File Repair Tool:

  • Firstly, download and install Hi5 Software MOV File Repair program on your system for repairing QuickTime MOV files
  • After launching it, main window of the software gets displayed
  • Select MOV video that has to be repaired and click on “Repair” button
  • Now, software begins QuickTime MOV file repair process
  • Once scanning process gets completed, fixed MOV file details will be displayed
  • Click on "Preview" option to view and then save the MOV file on required storage destination

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