Repairing Outlook 2003 PST Files

“Last week I was trying to open my PST file under MS Outlook 2003, but I couldn't. I received this error: "Outlook PST is not a personal storage folder file". I searched about this error on some forums and most of them declared it a corruption error.

So I tried ScanPST to determine the main problem behind this error. It didn't show any error. It seems ScanPST is not able to fix it. Is there any other way to repair Outlook 2003 PST file corruption?

Please, any help is appreciated.”

Well, the Microsoft Outlook built-in repair tool ScanPST would be able to repair Outlook 2003 PST file only when the corruption is minor. Even though the tool fixes PST file, it would be for temporary and you may face the same error again after some days. So, to fix Outlook 2003 PST file you need a professional repair tool. And, we strongly suggest you to try Hi5 Outlook PST Repair Software using which you can easily learn how to repair a corrupt PST file in Outlook 2003. This tool can easily deal with minor as well as major corruptions found on Outlook 2003 PST file and repairs it.

It is of no doubt that the error in the above scenario is the indication of Outlook 2003 PST file corruption. And, the corruption happens due to below mentioned reasons. Have a look on them…

  • Oversized PST: As Outlook is being used for many purposes, data starts accumulating on PST file and its size increases every day. Outlook 2003 PST file gets severely damaged when it grows bigger and crosses its fixed file size limit.
  • Corrupt PST Header: If the PST file header is corrupt, then the entire data on Outlook becomes inaccessible. Normally, header file of a PST gets damaged due to improper system termination, viruses attack, application malfunction, and so on.
  • Sharing of PST: Sometimes, sharing Outlook PST file over different computer networks like Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) for easy accessibility may sometimes damage Outlook PST file.
  • Other Issues: Any damage to Outlook 2003 registry entries, compacting PST file, migrating Outlook, re-installation of OS, increased number of bad sectors on a drive can affect Outlook 2003 PST file.

Utility for Repairing Outlook 2003 PST File

Outlook 2003 PST file will be repaired with aid of Hi5 Outlook PST Repair App, which has been designed using friendly user interface. The program can fix Outlook PST file broken due to any major or minor issues. Along with rebuilding Outlook 2003 PST file, the toolkit recovers all the attributes like emails, calendars, notes, journals, schedules, etc of a typical PST. It can repair even fix PST file created on various Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, 2007, 2010 and 2013 on Windows system.

Directions on How to Repair PST File in Outlook 2003!

  • Download and install Hi5 Outlook PST Repair Program on your Windows computer
  • Run the utility by following onscreen instructions
  • Start the repair process by choosing any one of the three options from the main screen
  • If you know the exact file location, click on “Open PST File” option to select PST file
  • Pick “Find PST File” option to search for the Outlook 2003 PST file (or)
  • If you have multiple accounts, then utilize “Select Outlook Profile” option to open a particular Outlook PST file
  • Choose the appropriate scanning method
  • Browse for the destination location and click “Repair
  • Once the repair process gets completed, the software will display the fixed Outlook 2003 PST file with all its email and folders

Additional Features of Hi5 Outlook PST Repair Tool

  • Helps in repairing OST file created on any Outlook version
  • Highly encrypted and password protected PST file can be fixed easily
  • Allows previewing fixed PST file along its folders after repair
  • Works on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems

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