Repair MOV File Error 2048

MOV is one of the popular format that gives good clarity videos. Though it is developed by Apple, it is compatible to play on both Windows and Mac system. But sometimes when you try to play your MOV video you may see “error 2048” message which indicates that it’s not a file that QuickTime recognizes. To avoid this error you may reinstall the advanced version of QuickTime player and try playing MOV video. Even then if you're getting the same result, then you may try playing video files on other media players like VLC, Windows Media Player, etc. If all these players gives same results then conclude that the error is due to corruption of video file. You will not be able to play MOV video file until it is fixed.

Now the question is about how to fix MOV QuickTime error 2048? Is it possible to fix the issue easily? Definitely yes! Hi5 Software MOV File Repair is one such tool which includes excellent features that make the repair process much easier. Even a user with less computer knowledge can use this software and repair MOV file error 2048 smoothly without any assistance because the app is included with simple interface.

Before letting you in detail about how this tool will work, let me tell you why corruption occurs to MOV video file:

  • Improper Compression: Compression of a file is done to reduce the storage space by deducting file size. If the compression of MOV video file is carried out using improper method then you may get a corrupted video file. When try to play such corrupted MOV video you may see an error 2048. Likewise, use of untrusted tool to compress MOV video may result the same.
  • Bad Sectors: If your favourite MOV video file is stored in location where there is presence of too many bad sectors then you will get an incomplete file when try to play it or video file may stuck in-between with error 2048.
  • Header Corruption: Header of the video file stores all vital data related to MOV video such as file size, name, creation date, modification date, etc. Viruses present on the system may corrupt the header structure or frequent power surge while playing video file may corrupt it. Playing MOV videos having header corruption is impossible instead you will see an error message “Error 2048”.
  • Other Scenarios: Virus infection, interrupted transfer of MOV video, playing MOV video on unsupported codec, conversion of video format, etc. will all result in corruption to MOV video file.

If you are unable to play MOV file due to above reasons then, you can replace the video file if you have copy of MOV video. If not then, try with Hi5 Software MOV File Repair application that will repair MOV file error 2048 with an ease.

Features of Hi5 Software MOV File Repair:

  • It is designed by well skilled experts to help users in repairing MOV file error 2048 with ease
  • This award winning software has ability to repair corrupt, damaged, inaccessible, broken MOV video in short span. It is chosen as best tool to mend any kind of errors displayed on MOV video file
  • Along with MOV file fixing, this app can fix issues related to MP4 video files in couple of mouse clicks
  • Hi5 Software MOV File Repair is read only application, that helps users in fixing MOV file error 2048 without modifying original source file
  • You will be provided with a free demonstration version to know how to fix 2048 error in MOV video file and with the preview option provided in trial version, you can check the efficiency of the software and to save the repaired files you need to purchase licensed version

How to Fix MOV QuickTime Error 2048:

  • Download and install the demo version of Hi5 Software MOV File Repair application
  • Select corrupt and healthy MOV files and click on “Repair” option
  • Repair process begins by scanning the MOV video file
  • You can view repaired MOV files using "Preview" option

Note: If you're happy with the software results, then activate the licensed version of the software and get access to "Save" button for saving repaired MOV file on any of the desired location.

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