Fix Header Corruption in MOV File

Sometimes, MOV file doesn’t play on any media player and shows errors whenever you try to open it forcefully. This sorts of things happen when MOV file header gets corrupted. Are you thinking what does this header in MOV? Header is very vital part of a MOV file which consists all required information about it. If it gets corrupted in any ways, your MOV file doesn’t recognized by any media player, hence it won’t open.

Here are some of the reasons that cause header file corruption in MOV file. Take a look of it and avoid from happening it in future to avoid MOV file corruption.

  • Terminating system abruptly when MOV file is being played
  • Saving many video files with same name and extension
  • Storing MOV file in device which already has corrupted content

Now, the thing is how to fix header corrupted MOV file? Well! you can fix MOV header file corruption with the help of Hi5 MOV File Repair Software.

Step by Step Guide on Fixing MOV File which has Corrupted Header-

Firstly, get Hi5 MOV File Repair Software on your computer by clicking on Download Now button. Upon downloading, install it by using on-screen instruction. You don’t have to worry about installation process. It’s simple to use interface navigates you throughout the process. Once the installation process gets over, launch the tool by clicking the short cut icon created on your desktop.

Step 1: When home screen appears, click on Healthy File button to select reference MOV file that is created using the same device as that of corrupted MOV file

Step 2: In the same screen, browse and select corrupted MOV file using Corrupted File button

Step 3: After selecting respective MOV files, hit the Repair button

Step 4: The software starts repairing your MOV file and you can check it in progress bar

Step 5: Soon after completion of repair process, it allows you to view repaired MOV file

Step 6: Finally save your repaired MOV file in any location

Successfully repaired your header corrupted MOV file? Now, let’s see some of the other features of Hi5 MOV File Repair Software-

  • It can be used to repair MP4 and M4V file, along with MOV video file
  • You can make use of this tool to repair unplayable video file
  • The tool helps to repair video files recorded using GoPro camera and iPhone
  • Also, repairs MOV file shot using popular brands of cameras and camcorders, such as Kodak, Canon, Pentax, etc

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