Resolve Access Denied Problem in RAR File

RAR files are basically native of WinRAR. Today RAR files are used widely due to its amazing features in all organizations and institution. It is used to compress large file size in order to save memory space or to transmit huge files over network. It's lossless compression techniques is widely used by many computer users.

Whenever you compress any large size files in RAR format then you need to extract files from it. But during this process, you may face many complications such as RAR file corruption while extracting RAR files, access denied. There may be various common reasons which results in RAR file corruption due to which access is denied for extraction of files. Scenarios are listed below...

  • Download Error: During downloading of RAR files if there is any interruption while process is going on, then there are possibilities for RAR file corruptions which results in access denied extracting RAR files error.
  • Usage of Unsecure Tool: Unsecure third party application is used to extract any RAR files then there is a chance for header file of RAR to get corrupted. This leads to access denied when unzipping files problem.
  • Abrupt Termination: When there is abrupt termination of application during extracting of RAR file, you might face RAR file corruption.
  • Transmit Error: During transmitting of RAR files over internet, due to any reasons if there is any CRC introduced in it then file become inaccessible which is the sign of WinRAR access is denied when extracting issue.
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons are sudden power failure, virus infection, bad sectors, etc.

However, corrupted or inaccessible RAR files can be repaired and you can resolve access denied problem in RAR file using Hi5 RAR File Repair Software.

Why Hi5 RAR File Repair Tool?

Hi5 RAR File Repair Program can easily repair RAR files that are corrupted due to various above mentioned scenarios. Whenever you can’t extract RAR files, you can make use of this tool to fix RAR access denied when extracting. It is the most recommended tool by industry experts as its user interface is designed in friendly manner and gives step to step guidance in solving damaged RAR files. Thus anyone can make use of such repairing tool without any complications. Further, this tool can be installed in all latest versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. It comes in demo edition so that before buying, users can evaluate its performance.

Extraordinary features of Hi5 RAR File Repair Application

  • Supports repairing of RAR files created by different WinRAR versions
  • Repair RAR files of larger size of 4GB or more
  • Fix RAR files having Cyclic Redundancy Check error
  • Supports fixing of password protected RAR files
  • Repaired RAR files can be stored in any storage device

Simple instructions to repair access deniying RAR file

  • Download and launch Hi5 RAR file Repair Software
  • Select damaged RAR file and click "REPAIR" option
  • Repairing process will begin
  • Repaired files can be viewed using "Preview" option
  • Go for licensed version to save repaired RAR file in any accessible storage devices

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