Recover Lost iPhoto Pictures after Upgrade to High Sierra

Consider a situation where you just upgraded to High Sierra for the new features. While you are exploring the new editing features of the Photos app in the new OS, you realize that your old iPhoto pictures are missing. You look for it all over, but you don’t find it.

Here we provide you 2 solutions to recover your lost iPhoto pictures.

Solution 1: Through Time Machine

The easiest solution to recover missing iPhotos is through Time Machine. If you have set up Time Machine on Mac, then you are just one step away from recovering your photos.

  • Go to Apple menu > System Preferences
  • Select Time Machine
  • Open the folder that you wish to restore
  • Choose an appropriate back-up date
  • Select files to restore and click Restore

Solution 2: Using Hi5 Photo Recovery Software

Hi 5 Software is an excellent choice for all your data recovery needs. It’s media recovery solution recovers lost or missing media files. All kinds of media files such as photos, videos and audio are supported.

Various formats of media files are supported. This is not a comprehensive list of supported formats per se, some of the most common ones are listed below.

  • Photos – JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, PSD etc.
  • Videos – MP4, MOV etc.
  • Audio – MP3, MP4 etc.
  • RAW Images such as CR2, CRW etc. captured on professional DSLR’s

About Hi 5 Software:

The software uses a read only function, so your original photos are completely safe after recovery. There is also a Preview feature provided to view the quality of files before deciding to purchase the software.

All your Mac devices, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini etc. are supported. Also, in addition to your Mac desktops and laptops, other storage units such as external hard drives, USB’s, memory cards etc. are supported.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility with your Mac OS. All versions starting from 10.5, Leopard are compatible with the software.

Hi 5 Software also provides a file recovery solution to recover lost or deleted files from your system. All files such as Word documents, Excel, PDF’s etc. can be recovered. Learn more about file recovery software Mac OS X.

Steps to recover iPhotos using Hi 5 Software

The tool is designed to make data recovery simple for all users. So, non-technical users can also comfortably use the software. Just follow the steps below to recover data easily.

Prep your computer for data recovery

Download Hi5 Media Recovery on your Mac and keep it ready. If you want to recover photos from an external device, connect it to the system on which recovery software is installed.

Recover your data

  • As a first step, click on Recover Photos
  • In the subsequent step, you will be given 2 options – Recover Deleted Photos and Recover Lost Photos. Select Recover Lost Photos in this case
  • Select the Volume from which photos need to be recovered
  • Click Scan for the software to scan your drive and list all found data

Note: Click Save Recovery Session to save the process and to avoid re-scanning at a later time

Save your data

From the list of displayed data, select the files to recover and save them.

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