Recovering Deleted Files from Mac Sierra

It is so frustrating when you’re working on an important document on Mac Sierra and due to some known or unknown reason your document gets deleted. Don’t worry if you’re eager and desperately want to recover deleted files from Mac Sierra then let us help you with the recovery software called Hi5 File Recovery for Mac. First thing that you should do when you accidentally delete a file is, stop adding new files to that Volume because addition of new files will lead to overwriting.

Let see some of the advanced features of Hi5 File Recovery for Mac and get to know how to recover deleted files from Mac Sierra with the help of this tool

  • Files emptied from Trash or deleted using command + shift + delete will be recovered
  • Let it be any types of files like archived files, documents, application, etc. this tool will help you recover them
  • Capable of recovering files that have been deleted from HFS, HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 file systems
  • Swiftly will recover files that were erased from Trash folder
  • Provides complete recovery guide which makes recovery of deleted files easy
  • The file which you looking forward to restore you can only select that particular file format
  • This tool is capable to perform recovery of files on Mac system having IDE, SATA, SCSI hard drives
  • On the basis of name, date, size and file type recovered files can be sorted
  • You can save the recovered data to any accessible drives like external drive, pendrive, etc.
  • To save the disk space you can compressed the recovered files or folders in a zip file format
  • You can preview the recovered files

Step By Step guide for recovering deleted files from Mac Sierra

  • Install Hi5 File Recovery Software in healthy system and then connect the drive from which deleted files have to be recovered and run Hi5 File Recovery Software for Mac
  • According to the situation you’re in, select the “Deleted File Recovery” option and then go to next screen
  • All the available Volumes will be displayed on the screen including external drives from that select the appropriate Volume from where you want to recover files then click “Next” option to go ahead
  • After the completion of recovery process you view the recovered files by clicking on “Preview” option
  • All the recovered files can be saved in your desired location including external hard drives just by selecting “Save” option

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