Different Ways of Recovering Files from Failed Mac Drive

Whether you use a Mac or PC, hard drive failure can never be ignored! Failed Mac hard drive is really a nightmare! That’s why Apple facilitates a built-in Mac backup application called ‘Time Machine’ to keep an updated and exact copy of files from Macintosh internal hard drives. Well, many users are unable to fully utilize the benefits of the Time Machine application or in the most unfortunate situations even the Time Machine hard drives fails to save the day! Therefore, here i have listed out some simple ways for recovering data from failed Mac hard drive.

Method #1: Use FSCK Command

Repair your failed hard drive using FSCK command and then restore your data from it. Follow the below steps to run FSCK command on Mac-

  • Turn off your Mac
  • Then, turn it on by holding Command + S button
  • It will take you to Single User Mode
  • Type – /sbin/fsck – fy in command line
  • Then, hit Enter on your keyboard
  • If fixes the drive and displays “File System Was Modified” message

Method #2: File Recovery using Target Disk Mode

  • Connect two computers using FireWire or Thunderbolt
  • Turn on the computer which has failed hard drive and press T from your keyboard ASAP
  • Now, your computer loads into FireWire mode and shows FireWire icon
  • Healthy computer now shows you the icon of failed hard drive. It means failed hard drive is mounted on the healthy computer
  • Now, fix the hard drive using disk repair and copy all your files from failed hard drive to healthy computer.

Method #3: Use Hi5 Mac Recovery Utility to Recover Failed Hard Drive

Hi5 Partition Recovery Software for Mac will help you in restoring data from failed hard drive on Mac. To perform Mac hard drive failure recovery in the simplest way, just continue reading…

1. Eject failed hard drive from computer: At this point, you should act in a data preservation and recovery mindset! So it is better to keep the failed drive powered off, ejected from Mac machine, and not attached to any other device until and unless the files are recovered.

2. Download and Lunch Hi5 Mac Recovery tool to restore data from failed Mac hard drive: Now, download and install Hi5 Partition Recovery Utility for Mac to which you have connected failed hard drive as a slave. Launch the program and follow on-screen steps.

3. Select “Partition Recovery” from the first screen and select the drive that represents the secondary drive and click on “Next”.

4. Mark the required files formats or else Skip the step if you want to recover entire drive data

5. Software starts scanning and after some time all the lost data from failed hard drive will be recovered and displayed on the screen

6. "Preview" the restored files and "Save" them by activating the software

Features of Hi5 Partition Recovery Program for Mac

  • Retrieves data from failed external hard drives, pen drives, iPods, FireWire drives, memory cards, and many more
  • Recovers formatted and RAW drives without any difficulty
  • Quickly Restores HFS partition, HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, and FAT32 hard drive partitions
  • It can be used to recover data from all Mac OS versions, including macOS Sierra

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