Restore Lost Files on Flash Drive Partition

Consider a case scenario: “I have a 32 GB flash drive which contains various files like office files, project documents, and some personal files. I use to carry flash drive daily from my office to home. But, when I connected the drive to my Mac computer in home I can see nothing in the flash drive partition. I have lost the partition and its data. I cannot even go back to office to recollect my files as I have came to my native for some days. I need the files right away. Please somebody help me out with this situation and suggest how to recover lost files from flash drive partition!”

Flash drive is one of the means for moving files from one system to another and also to safely carry data to any place. SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, etc, are some of the brands of flash drive with different storage capacities. Generally, flash drive is formatted with FAT16 or FAT32 file systems that can be reformatted to NTFS as well as HFS if required. Many times users have faced serious issues while using flash drive and ran in to severe data loss situations.

How Partition go Missing on Mac?

To keep record of all data, every partition has a file system. However, file system is very important for any partition and any unwanted modification done may lead to loss of partition. Some of the other reasons for flash drive partition loss are...

  • Unorthodox way of removing flash drive from Mac machine/li>
  • Broken file directory structure which is necessary to read files on flash drive
  • Severe virus infection to flash drives

When flash drive partition is lost, one can’t be able to access any files present on it. Hence, to recover lost flash drive partition on Mac machine, an appropriate data recovery tool must be used. Before that, here are some precautionary measures to be taken after losing flash drive partition.

Precautions to be taken after Losing Data from Flash Drive Partition

  • Avoid using flash drive when partition is lost
  • Do not use insecure recovery tools

Prominent USB Flash Drive Data Recovery for Mac – Hi5 Partition Recovery Software for Mac

Hi5 Partition Recovery program for Mac is the right solution to restore lost files on flash drive partition from Macintosh machines irrespective of the reason. This software is designed with advanced features so that it will retrieve lost data from flash drive partition which is inaccessible, formatted or re-formatted. It also restore lost data from other storage devices like memory cards, iPods, hard drives (internal and external), etc. on Macintosh system. The utility has a built in easy user interface that helps to recover lost flash drive partition easily. It further, examines the entire partition and discovers the data from lost partition in just one scan. In addition to easy recovery process, application is integrated with superior features such as “Preview” option, which will allow you to get an earlier look of recovered data.

Other Features of Hi5 Partition Recovery Wizard for Mac

  • Supported Mac Operating Systems are: OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion, etc.
  • Other than restoring data from lost partitions, software can be used to recover data from formatted, reformatted and repartitioned hard drives
  • Lost flash drive partition recovery can be carried out on all Mac laptops and desktops like iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc.
  • Using “Find” option you can sort the recovered partition data based on size, date, name and file type
  • Retrieved data can be seen in Mac finder styled interface

Procedure to Retrieve Lost Flash Drive Partition

  • Download and install Hi5 Partition Recovery on Macintosh machine and connect flash drive to it
  • Run the partition recovery program
  • Select "Partition Recovery" option on first window
  • Select the suitable partition to perform recovery process
  • Wait for sometime...
  • "Preview" option can be utilized for viewing recovered flash drive partition data

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