Deleted or Lost Word Document Recovery on Mac

It has happened to all of us: deleting or losing important Word files on Mac OS X due to accidental deletion or some other issues and then realizing that you’ve committed a big mistake. You reach for backup and find that there is no backup. What now?? Well, there are several utilities available online that helps to restore deleted or lost Word documents on Mac OS X. But, the chances of success in recovering deleted or lost Word documents depend on how the files were lost or deleted and what are the things done since then.

Deleting and losing the Word Files on Mac OS X

On the Macintosh systems, moving files to Trash, and then Emptying the Trash, completely delete the files. Whenever Word files are deleted, the entry for those files gets removed from the directory of the disk. Even after the deletion, the files still remain on the disk where they were. But, the disk directory shows that the space on which the deleted files were located is vacant. Basically, as long as you don’t write any new data to the disk, recovery of deleted Word files is very much possible. It is also recommended to stop using the disk if Word documents have deleted accidentally.

When does Word files are said to be lost? Well, below are some reasons which indicate the loss of Word document on Mac OS X. Have a look on them:

  • If Word documents are in-between transferring process and suddenly Mac system gets off
  • Abrupt removal of storage device while transferring Word files from Mac machine
  • Unknown removal of Word files while selecting and deleting bulk of files from Mac system

Recovering Deleted or Lost DOC files from Mac OS X

As it is mentioned earlier in this page that there are many programs available online that can help in recovering deleted or missing Word files on Mac computers. Among all those utilities, the most reliable and useful tool is Hi5 Mac File Recovery Software. In this app, users are given the choice of two different levels of recovery: “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. If users can differentiate between deleted or lost Word files, the recovery things can be speed up by selecting the relevant option among the given two.

Hi5 Mac File Recovery Software typically works in two phases. Firstly, it will analyze and scan the entire volume of Mac computer to explore all the deleted or lost files, and then recovers them. This can take some minutes depending on the size of the volume, and number of files to be recovered. The result of recovery process would be a huge number of recovered files sorted according to file type, size, name, and date of creation. So, users need to choose the files they are looking to recover like Word files using “Find” option and get saved on their desired location. What’s more, restored Word files and other files can be previewed before saving by using “Preview” option.

Know more about Hi5 Mac File Recovery Software

  • Comprises of simple GUI with descriptive Word documents recovery guide
  • Along with DOC files, it can retrieve other deleted or lost files such as PPT, XLS, ZIP, etc. stored on Mac volume
  • Supports recovering files from HFS, HFS+ file systems
  • Easily restores files that are erased from Trash folder
  • Highly compatible with all major Mac OS X versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra
  • Capable enough to restore MS Word files created on different versions of Microsoft Word of Mac like Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013

How to Recover a Deleted or Lost Word Document

  • Download Demo version of Hi5 Software File Recovery on your Macintosh
  • Run the tool and go with "Deleted File Recovery" option if you've deleted Word documents, else go with "Lost File Recovery" option
  • Now select the drive from where you're willing to restore deleted or lost Word documents on Mac and click on "Next" option
  • Software starts scanning the selected drive, once recovery process is finished you will be able to see Word files back

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