How to Fix Word File with Content Errors?

Ever encountered an error 'Cannot the file because there are problems with the contents' due to corruption in Word documents? If yes, you are in the right place because we'll teach you how to resolve this error using 2 methods. One is a manual solution and the other involves use of a software called Hi5 Word Repair if the manual method doesnt help. Read on.

Although Microsoft Word is the most widely used document processing application in the world, one can encounter a number of issues while using it. It is not wrong to say that most of us experienced issues with Word at some point or another. Some of the most common complaints involve Word getting stuck or freezing, errors like ‘Word encountered a problem and needs to close’, ‘Word cannot open the file because there are problems with the contents’ etc.

In this space here, we discuss in detail about the error ‘Word cannot open the file because there are problems with the contents’, the reasons and some simple solutions to resolve the error.

Solutions to resolve Word error ‘Word cannot open the file because there are problems with the contents’

Solution 1: Use the built in repair feature offered by Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word offers a built in repair feature to repair certain types of corruption issues. Hence, as a first troubleshooting step, it is a good idea to use this Repair feature.

  • Open Microsoft Word and click on File in the menu bar
  • Select Open and browse the file you wish to repair
  • Click on the down arrow key next to Open and click Open and Repair

Now, Word will attempt to repair your file if possible and help you open it without issues. However, if this doesn’t help, you may need Word repair software such as Hi5 to repair corruption issues.

Solution 2: Use Hi5 Software

Hi5 offers a great Word repair tool to repair .doc and .docx files. All types of corruption issues, whether it’s caused by macro-viruses, software issues or due to round tripping can all be repaired using Hi5 Software. Corruption can also occur if you access or edit Word documents on a storage device directly and Hi5 Software can be used in these cases as well.

How does Hi5 Software work? Hi5 Word Repair software first scans the corrupt Word document and extracts data from it. Then corruption issues are fixed and a new healthy file is created. Since, the software extracts contents from the original file and works on those contents, your original file remains completely safe. Another advantage of using Hi5 Software is that it is capable of recovering text along with original formatting, hyperlinks, embedded objects etc.

Compatibility of Hi5 Word repair software

• Hi5 Word Repair software is designed to work with all Windows versions including Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows XP and Vista etc.

• All latest versions of Microsoft Word including Word 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000 are supported by the software

Steps to repair Word file with content errors

Step 1. Download and install Hi5 Word Repair Software on your Windows computer

Step 2. Launch the downloaded software and click on Browse to select the corrupt Word file

Step 3. Then click on the big blue Repair button to repair your file

Step 4. Once the repair is complete, you will be notified and you are given an option to preview the file

Step 5. As a last step, save the repaired file to a preferred location

Once the file is repaired, you should be able to open it without any issues. But as they say, it is better to take precautions than to be sorry later. So, in order to avoid corruption in Word files, don’t convert your files from one format to another unnecessarily. Secondly, install latest updates on your computer to prevent any possible issues with out-dated Microsoft Office. These simple measures can help you protect your Word documents.

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