Repair Encrypted RAR File

Nowadays, RAR files are widely used file format by numerous users. It saves hard drive space to store files by compressing it to a smaller size. Hence it brings a great benefit for keeping number of important files in less storage area.

Uses of RAR files

Generally, this RAR files are popular for transferring files over the internet. Other than this feature, RAR files are also known for its encryption features. With the help of RAR file encryption features, you can secure the contents which are residing inside the RAR file. When you are creating RAR file, you can set password in order to protect the RAR file and its content. This password is case sensitive and while extraction of file, same password is required to extract the files.

Issues with RAR file

With wide usage of RAR file, many people are troubled with the issue of encrypted RAR file corruption. After this instance, how to repair encrypted RAR becomes the major topic among many RAR file users. If this is the case, then there is no need to worry, in this page you get a list of reasons responsible for encrypted RAR file damage and how to fix encrypted RAR files quickly.

Symptoms of corrupted RAR file

  • You get an error messages whenever you try to access encrypted RAR file
  • RAR files takes more time than an usual opening and closing
  • Any sort of interruptions while accessing or viewing RAR files

Causes for RAR file corruption

  • Changing file extension of RAR file is one of the most important reasons for file header corruption. Regular attempt of changing RAR file extension corrupts RAR file
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC error can stop the extraction of contents from password protected RAR file
  • Inadequate memory while creating or extracting the password protected RAR files results in occurrence of weird error and makes your data inaccessible
  • Partial download of encrypted RAR file because of any reasons like abrupt system shutdown, power surge can cause file corruption

Fixing encrypted RAR files corruption issue

Solution to repair encrypted RAR file will be the usage of Hi5 RAR File Repair Program. This encrypted RAR file repair tool comes up with the built in powerful engine that analyses the issues of encrypted RAR file in few minutes and helps in guiding how to fix encrypted RAR files. While repairing encrypted RAR file, this software does not make any changes to the original file. It is supported on both 32bit and 64bit Windows operating systems to repair encrypted RAR file.

Hi5 Program is very good application that is available in the market to execute encrypted RAR file repair process. Even though, if your RAR file is password protected, this Hi5 RAR File Repair Application has an ability to fix protected RAR file but you must know the password to unlock the file. Other than encrypted RAR file repair, you can also utilize this program to fix multipart RAR files with utmost ease.

Why to select Hi5 RAR File Repair Wizard?

  • Repairs all popular versions of RAR archives with different compression rates
  • It preserves original RAR file and creates separate repaired RAR file
  • Advanced algorithm can fix encrypted RAR file quickly
  • Easily unzips password protected RAR file in few steps
  • Helps to repair encrypted RAR file stored on any storage media like pen drives, memory cards, external and internal hard drives, etc.
  • Supports repairing of large RAR file over 4GB size
  • Can fix CRC errors successfully

How can you avoid encrypted RAR file corruption?

  • Remember to check network connection before downloading RAR files from the internet
  • It is suggested not to use unreliable third party tool for unzipping RAR files or for changing file extensions
  • Do not alter the file extension of any RAR file until and unless it is required and you know the complete methods of changing file extension

Steps to be followed:

  • Download Hi5 RAR File Repair Software
  • Install and open it
  • In the main screen, select encrypted RAR file with the help of "Browse" button
  • Click on "Repair" option
  • Once it is finished, go to "Preview" button to view repaired RAR file
  • In case if you want to save it, activate the licensed version

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